Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Reese!

Can you believe he is 8? I can't!  
He is growing into the sweetest little man that notices others and loves to help serve with us at church.  A prayer I am constantly praying for Reese and Abby right now is that they will have humble repentant hearts when confronted with sin...oh Lord do it, make them more like you!
This year we redecorated Reese's bedroom for his birthday.  Ever since he was little he has not really had anything special going on in his room.  From about the age of 3 it was difficult to keep anything on the walls since he took it upon himself to take it all down:( and lately his room has just been half done for about a year.  
We have been working on it for about 2 weeks (gathering all the pictures and bedding and stuff) but didn't get it painted until Thursday then spent the day Friday putting the bunk beds up and hanging everything on the wall.  We decided to have the big reveal Friday night (we didn't get home until about midnight so we thought he would think it was cool to see his new room the first few minutes of his actual birthday. (Saturday the 27th)
He loved it and we were relieved!  We were nervous he would have an expectation that wasn't there (since it was ALL a surprise, even the color of the room which is dark gray) but thankfully he loved everything!  Yay!
We got some pictures of the reveal....


pointing at everything in the room...he was moving around a lot thus the blurry pic:)

I love the pennant wall!

Panoramic of the room!  Fun!

Greg made this hat rack out of some of his (Greg's)'s SO cool!
I need to Pinterest this:)

Bunk beds!
Can you believe these are Greg's from college that we have kept for our kids to use?!
These have been well used:) 

Happy! Happy! Happy Boy!

Adorable Birthday Boy!

Me and my boy!
 Reese was very excited to have his birthday on a Saturday this year!  He just wanted a simple party at the park so he and his friends could play football.  It was so simple in fact that I felt kinda out of sorts!  I feel like every year the birthday parties get more and more simple!  I don't have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off entertaining and feeding everyone:) Parties now are mostly drop off parties so with the parents not sticking around you can buy less food;) Not that that's a big deal but honestly most parents don't want "kid food" so you feel like you have to have a menu for them...or at least I did:/ This year Reese just wanted wings from Wings Stop, chips, cheese sticks and Dr. Pepper...easy peasy!!;)

Football with the boys!

Playing Jackpot

I forgot to bring candles but he didn't seem to care...sorry buddy!

What a fun boy!

 We took Reese to dinner that night and he picked Simply Fondue!  So yummy and fun!  We ate for about 2 hours and enjoyed such a sweet time together!  He did something very sweet before we started ordering and I want to make sure and remember this...
As we were deciding what to order he whispered to me that he brought his money chip (which he had gotten from his grandparents that day, and he loves btw;) and told me he could help pay since he brought his money.  What a doll!
His heart is so thoughtful and tender and I am amazed at how intentional he can be.  I didn't make him pay though don't worry:)  The thought was very precious though Reeser:)  We love you buddy!
Starting to cook 

Reese's favorite part is the chocolate fondue of course and they gave him his own plate of goodies to dip...he was SO excited!!!

Roasting our marshmallows!
Reese you are such a joy and make our time together such a blast.  You are always moving, always loving and smiling and always throwing some sort of ball and the only time you are not talking is sleeping but I would never change you a bit!
We love you so much and look forward to many more birthdays to come!  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

4th Grade Musical!

Abby volunteered for a speaking part?  What?  I was shocked but so thrilled for her.  I asked her recently how I could be praying for her and she asked me to pray that she would not be shy in front of people so she could perform.  I have been doing that and we have prayed together and what a fast answer to prayer!  
She was scared but so brave to even tryout and then the night of the performance she did awesome!
My little girl is growing up and stepping out...way to go Abby!
We got a video of the speaking's really long!  
She looked a little nervous but she sure nailed it:)  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ahead of the Game!

Every year Greg and I don't get around to carving pumpkins with the kids until the day before Halloween:/  We always have a super busy fall with the kids birthdays and kids sports and stuff and honestly it's just a lot of work!  
Well this week while Granny and Papa were in town we went and grabbed some pumpkins and did it 4 weeks early...pretty rare for us:)
The kids did a lot of the carving...well Abby more than Reese but with each year they are more and more into it!  Abby stayed at it for about 2 hours, she means business:)
Reese would disappear from time to time.  He would ask me to help with a part of it then before I knew it he was on his scooter down the street! Ha!

Getting dark! Where is Reese?

She is still at it!

Reese's (and Mom and Dad's:) pumpkin

getting more of the goo out--it is now completely dark!

Proud Abby and her pumpkin

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Dallas Arboretum

Yesterday it was a high of 66 degrees and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!  
My parents have been in town for a week (they kept the kids while Greg and I went to Denver) so we headed over to Dallas to enjoy the beautiful weather and the PUMPKINS:)
It is pumpkin heaven and a great place for pictures!  
We had a great time and enjoyed getting to spend time with Granny and Papa.

She looks way to big here...long legs!

he wanted a pic on the big pumpkin too:)

Granny and the kids in the pumpkin house


me and my sweet kiddos...both looking silly:)

pumpkin heaven!!!

the kids with Granny and Papa

me and the parental units;)  

Monday, October 08, 2012

Colorado with my Man!

Greg had a business trip to Denver this past weekend and he took me with him!!! YAY!
We had such a great weekend.  Thursday he actually had to work:) so I tagged along with him to a Regional CPAC (Republican Conference) and that was wild and crazy let me tell ya:)  
Mitt Romney showed up but we both missed getting to hear him speak...we slept in and we didn't know when he was going to speak so we missed it....oops:)
On Friday we headed up to Boulder and Estes Park.  Greg still had to work off and on but we were able to take a Fall Foliage drive and it was gorgeous!!! 
We got some wonderful pictures check it out!

Stanley Hotel in Estes Park 

Fall Wonderland!!!!

Panoramic view!

We drove all the up to the top of the mountain and we were above the clouds...incredible!!

don't fall!!:)

crazy chipmunks came right up to you....didn't have anything to feed them but they came anyway:)

Happy Becky

Woke up to snow in Denver Friday morning!