Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Bliss!

Hello Fall!  I am so happy you have arrived.
This time of year makes me very happy.  Not only is the summer heat behind us (thank goodness) but pumpkins start appearing around every corner and every time I see a pumpkin I just have to smile.   Pumpkins are wonderful.
They not only bring a wonderful pop of color (I love orange:) but they are so unique.  Each one has a story or at least I like to think so;)  I know I'm weird but it makes me me and I'm ok with who I am...weird or not I never have a boring day-ha:)  This time of year I also start making a ton of things made out of pumpkins.  Pumpkin bread, pumpkin custard, pumpkin cheesecake (if you haven't had this you must it's AMAZING!) pumpkin pancakes and the list goes on!!  Oohhh that makes me hungry!!! :)

Today after school I took the kids to the local Farmers Market and we went crazy getting every size of pumpkin we could find.  We also got a mum for the front porch (or lack there of:) but it's out there none the less.  My house is decked out (as it should be;) with everything fall and I'm in bliss.  I will go to sleep tonight in peace....Fall is here!!! YIPPEEEEE!! 
Farmer Reese...he loved pulling that thing around

Pumpkins make for beautiful pictures!!  Oh and the kids look good too;)

I can do it myself....good luck with that buddy:/

Monday, September 27, 2010

What a Beautiful Day!

It is currently 70 degrees outside so I thought a picnic dinner was a grand idea.  I made  for dinner tonight and it was the best! I highly recommend it...thank you Pioneer Woman...see I told you I was obessed;)
The kids both tired the pizza.  Abby ended up liking the whole "Italian bacon" thing aka prosciutto but Reese was not a fan.  Actually he gagged himself trying to eat his tiny "bites" and ended up throwing up all over his plate and in the grass...classic.  I am not sure where he got the drama...I'm thinking Greg;)
In the end Reese won, he did not have to eat his bites.  I'm not sure, do you think I should have made him eat it anyway? Ha..jk!

All Decked Out!

Today Greg brought me home these shorts and t-shirt to celebrate the Rangers winning the AL West Division Championship!   

World Series here we come!!!!  Go Rangers!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Love you Pioneer Woman!

Lately I have been obsessed with this website:

I have been exploring the site like crazy and I've gone mad trying as many of her recipes as possible.   Yesterday the kids and I made her cinnamon rolls
Now these are not your ordinary cinnamon rolls they are beyond anything you could ever imagine and MORE!  They are better than a Krispy Creme...bold statement I know but oh so true!  I plan on making these again and again and even plan on handing them out as Christmas gifts to teachers and friends...yes, you want to be my friend;)
*Dad I challenge you to a cinnamon roll bake-off...Mom you're the judge--IT'S ON:)  I love a little "friendly" competition!  Ha! ( my Dad is a fabulous baker...I like to think I will be as good as him one day-love you Dad...I think I might beat you on this one though ;)
Here are some pictures of our cooking/super messy fun and oh so YUMMY!  

Rolling out the dough (the best/easiest dough ever!)

she loves to get dirty:)

After we poured 2 CUPS:/ of butter we poured on 1 cup of so very healthy-ha!

this recipe makes almost 8 pans of cinnamon rolls--thats 56!  Woweee!  We will be eating cinnamon rolls for a LONG time!

the mess....the bliss!  Calories included:)

we were so only took ALL day!  So fun!  P.S. Abby is weird. 

Friday, September 24, 2010


Tonight we had date night with the kids.  Greg took Abby and I took Reese to dinner.  We asked the kids what they wanted for dinner and they both said, "Mac and cheese, nachos, a banana with peanut butter and honey to dip it in and yogurt."  I think they planned that don't you? ha!
Well we told them we were gonna take them out to eat and Abby picked Whataburger (OF COURSE:) and Reese wanted pizza--that's my boy:)  Now the funny thing is is that Reese thinks the best pizza ever is from Target.  You know, those cafe places at the front that sell Pizza Hut pizza.  Well anyways we had a very romance night at Target.  After dinner we strolled through the clothes while he pointed out everything he hated:) and then proceed to spill his whole slushy on a clothes rack...awesome.  We quickly reported the spill and exited the clothing Reese's request-he was appalled:)
We then headed back to the toy section and picked out a new family game for game night.  Reese begrudgingly picked out Operation because he knew I was leaning towards buying was on sale, sue me:)
Thankfully everyone LOVED the game...Abby even told me, "Mommy, this is my most favorite game ever!"  Wow, who knew? Ha! So easy to please:)
We had a fun time trying to get those little plastic pieces out of Sam...poor guy is just a mess with things like a toilet, a clock and a dog stuck in him...crazy:)  He really does need a doctor...I know I'm so funny! haha!

Mommy I made you dinner!

Thank you Reese I love it::)  Nothing like milk, sugar-snap peas and a banana for sweet!

Lunch with the Kiddos!

Silly Abby and her barbecue chips:)

Not sure why he didn't want a picture with me?? I won't take it personally...maybe he was having a bad hair day;)

Trying to sneak a picture...unsuccessful:(

I went to the kids school today to have lunch with them and upon arrival I was greeted by a fire truck and about 10 firemen!  I ended up having to wait outside for about 30 minutes until they found the "fire"...let's just say that "fire" is sure gonna be in trouble when they find out he pulled the fire alarm...oooh is he gonna regret that one:/  Yes, I did say "he" lets just face it we all know a little girl won't even think to do something like that:) 
Well after all the excitement we finally got to have lunch and it's always nice to spend a little time with them during the day...I sure miss them!
Also, I ended up pulling both the kids out of school to go to the doctor because for the past few days they have been acting weird and it ends up they BOTH have strep throat!  I guess it was bound to happen sometime right?  You gotta love public school and all those yucky germs crawling around...eww!
"Kids go wash your hands!!!!"  :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Abby, Poppa and Grandma Reese watching the game!

Batter Up!  Reese picked number 27 this year...Vald Guerrero on the Rangers:)

Playing left field

Playing 3rd Base

Team huddle....they won 15-0!  Go Red Sox!
Reese is playing fall baseball this year. I was a little hesitant because he just started kindergarten but he promised to take a nap before games so I agreed to it:)  He is no longer in T-ball though and don't mess up and call it that because he will correct you immediately just in case you forgot his big now:) He is on the 7-8 league, yes we are aware that he is only 5, but he keeps getting asked to move up because he's a stinkin' good player....a natural I suppose;) Honestly, we noticed his athleticism early on. One day he was maybe 5 months old ok maybe 6;) and I tossed him one of those mini tangerines and he caught it and held onto that thing with a death grip almost squeezing it like crazy! We would also find him late at night sleeping with a baseball. Now he didn't go to bed holding one but somehow he would always seemed to find one in his room and when we tried to take it out of his hand he would wake-up and hold it tighter. Pretty funny to look back now...he was born to play baseball! Now let's not forget Greg and his influence though he has always been good about playing ball with Reese even when he was just a little tot and couldn't even hit the ball. Way to go Greg I think you brainwashed him good;) Oh well it could be worse right?
Anyways here are a few pictures from his first "big kid" baseball (meaning coaches pitch) game.
He has been doing pretty well still trying to figure out everything but he's holding his own for sure! He is one of two 5 year olds on the team and the rest of them are 7-8 and mostly 8 years old! Oh and he is still on the Red Sox but let me clarify AGAIN we do NOT like the Major league Red Sox just the little league...I would hate for anyone to get confused:)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the Outs with Facebook...

So I have been burdened lately for so many friends, and myself, about the struggles I have seen women have with facebook. At first when I got my account I thought it would be a great way to stay connected with my friends from long ago, overseas friends and in all honesty I like to see how some people are doing and then I never go to their pages again:/ That's a stalker right? ha!
Anyways over time I have seen it breed such discontent and jealously not only in me but in others women's lives too. For example, I would be having a great day and then I would walk over to my computer click on facebook and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I would have thoughts that would just make me bottom out in either frustration, jealously/rejection (why wasn't I invited to the park? Why didn't they think of me?) and the biggest of all, for me and I know for many of my friends, is discontent! Discontent with the way we look, the husband we have, the house we live in, jobs, friends, vacations, lack of friends, lack of money to maintain the lifestyle that we see others living, and the list goes on.

**Do not read any further if you don't want to know my opinion. It is just my opinion and I am well aware that this does not mean everyone struggles with this but a LOT do so let's just be honest. I am tired of watching my friends lives, families/marriages, friendships, passions and whatever else Satan tries to attack us with struggle due to the stuff we post for the world to see!

PEOPLE,WHAT ARE WE DOING? What have we opened the door to? What are we allowing
to be put in our minds to run a muck and destroy our thought lives??? We need less of this "competition" this preoccupation with either thinking everyone cares enough to know I love coffee first thing in the morning or that to feel "connected" I need to jump on my home page every few seconds to make sure I didn't miss that my friends baby just spit up all over themselves and the dog ate the remote? For real? Are we wasting time? INDEED! I am and I admit it!
I am so burdened. I want something more. Call me cheesy, honestly I don't care, but I need more of Jesus! I need to be serving more, I need to be memorizing what God says in His word more, I need (like my friend Brent said) FEET THAT MOVE... Feet that move to spread the gospel!!! Yes, that's what I really desire when it all boils down to it... nothing else matters does it? Does it matter that we are "connected" all the time?? God has people in our lives that we cross paths with daily that we need to be investing in and not be so busy updating our status that we miss the opportunity to "connect" with those who are sitting right next to us while we type on our iphones, those living on our street, those we live life with NOW, not living in the past of who we used to be or who we thought we would be!! Oh, I beg you to give this a thought! Are you struggling with this? Do you feel your heart begin to "want" when you look at someone's profile? My advice would be to step back and take a look at your motives. I really do hope this is not a problem for you...I really do! I hope this doesn't apply to anyone reading this but sadly today alone I have talked to 3 woman that are dealing with the exact same struggles!
I've just started a break from facebook. I want to test the waters of my heart's motives. I want to pinpoint the areas more specifically that are causing this discontent and I want the Lord to do a work in my life and stop being so busy looking into other peoples lives that I forget to be still and look at my own.
So I guess I'll get off my soapbox now:) Honestly, to just "vent" is not my intent at all. I really do want to get to the bottom of this and I don't want Satan to gain any ground in my life and my heart. I want to be free and live the abundant life that the Lord desires for me and whatever is stealing that peace and joy I want to remove from my life so I can be filled with the good stuff!
Ok, that's it. If you read this far, good for you...I love you friend and only want God's best for you...are you pursuing that? I pray you are.
I'm gonna shake off the FB funk and pray the Lord does a mighty work in me. Join me or don't; just let the Lord deal with your heart that's all I ask.

I'm King of the World!

My funny little boy:)

They were jumping their hearts out!

Look at that was a beautiful night!

Abby posing for us...ha!

our two handsome husbands:)

yeah, not sure but I think they made this swing for kids not adults! Ouch!

Abby and Lauren having a blast!

Last night we had dinner with our friends Cari and Bart Hudkins and had a great time! (thanks Cari..I didn't have to bring sweet:) After we ate we headed down to the neighborhood park and the kids got to climb huge mounds of mulch because every year the city drops piles of it to replace the old all throughout the playground. Our kids were in heaven and surprisingly no one got splinters or hurt themselves...score!
Cari got some great pictures of the kids climbing/playing.....enjoy!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head!

Last week it rained ALOT and the kids really wanted to play outside so since it wasn't lightening (yes, I am not a totally irresponsible mom;) I decided they could go outside. Now they decided to put their swimsuits on all by themselves and wow did they have fun! I told them I would sit in the garage and watch but wasn't interested in getting wet...I know, I know I'm such a boring Mom:)

Yep that's my boy:)

2 points!

Still hitting home-runs in the rain!

2nd grade Musical---7 Habits of Happy Kids!

Getting ready to perform

the whole 2nd grade

Sweet girl after the show

Tonight Abby performed her 2nd grade musical and she did an awesome job! Abby had a speaking part so she was excited but seemed to be a little nervous too:)
When she got home from school she told me she had to wear her best dress and take a shower and curl her hair...she was very specific-ha!
It was fun to watch her tonight. She was pretty shy but I could tell she wanted to be crazy but she just didn't have it in her. She was on the end of the top row so she was very "exposed" so I don't blame her;)
I got some good pictures and even got her speaking part on video (no worries Granny and Papa I got it all this time:)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

My Little Missionaries!

I have some great stories to share about the kids first few weeks of school.

First, Reese has been putting a tract (a witnessing booklet) in his pocket every morning just in case he meets someone that needs to know Jesus. The other day he gets in the car after school and says,
Reese-"Mommy, I gave my tract to Maddox today!"
Me- "No way! Reese that is so cool, what happened?"
Reese- "Well, I asked him if he knew Jesus and he said no, not that well so I gave him the tract. I can't read that well so I told him to bring it home and his Mommy could read it to him."
Me- (speaking through tears) "Reese, that is the coolest thing ever....I am so proud of you and so is Jesus."
Reese- "Now I need another one!"

Then he got another tract and as we were getting in the car on the way to school the other day he says, "WAIT!" He jumps out of the car and runs inside to get something. He comes back with nothing (or so it appeared) I asked him what he got and he told me he forgot his tract:) I asked him who he was gonna give it to today and he said he wasn't sure. I told him to carefully listen to God all throughout the day and that God would show him who needed to know about Him. He seemed excited about that.
After school he got in the car and says,
Reese-"Mommy, God told me to give my tract to my teacher!"
Me- "Oh really, what happened?"
Reese-"She wouldn't take it and told me to save it for church??"
Me- (confused) "Really? I'm sorry buddy did that make you sad?"
Reese-"Nah, I'll just give it to someone else...maybe she already knows Jesus??"
Me-"Yeah, maybe...lets pray for her."
*Greg and I are still not sure why the teacher didn't take it but we are all praying for her and hope she is already a Christian.

THEN...if that wasn't enough, yesterday Abby comes home and tells me another amazing story!
A few weeks back Maw Maw and Poppa gave all the grand-kids a travel Evangecube
that clips onto their backpacks. The idea is that not only would it help the kids be ready to witness at anytime but also that it would open the door for a conversation when someone asks about what it is. Well, that's exactly what happened! Praise the Lord!
Here's what Abby told me:
Abby- "Mama, today someone asked me about the evangecube."
Me- "Really? Who asked...what happened?"
Abby-"It was a girl at my table so I took it out and showed her all the pictures and other kids around asked too so I shared it with 4 kids in my class!"
Me-"Wow! That's amazing! Abby you planted a planted a seed!"

So, it looks like we are off to a good start this year huh?:) I am just in awe of the simple faith and trust that our kids have. Reese and Abby don't think about the "implications" of witnessing they just do it because they truly want people to know Jesus! I am so proud of them and I am humbled watching these kiddos grow up before my eyes and it was nothing that we did, it was all HIM! Thank you Lord for being so gracious to work in our lives and draw us unto yourself....we don't deserve it but I am so grateful for it!!! Let our family never be quiet about what the Lord has done in our lives....make us mighty warriors for You!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Gospel According to Reese!

Got this email from Maw Maw last night and thought it was so cute I wanted to share it with you all....enjoy!

Sun. AM we're eating breakfast & I asked Abby & Reese to tell me the name of a friend they're praying for who doesn't know Jesus. I told them the name of my friend I'm praying for. Then I drew Rom. 6:23 showing the 2 sides w/ the gap in the middle between us & God & told them that's how I explained the gospel to her. Reese had this "light bulb moment" & took the paper & pen. He didn't say anything but drew a baseball diamond. Then he drew up behind home plate a ways. He said, "That's my family up in the third deck. We're not way on the back row. We're on the front row. They hit a foul ball [he draws an arched line coming up to where the family is] & I have my glove & I reach and reach but I can't reach it. That's how it is. No matter how hard we try we can't reach God." "Exactly, Reese!"

Thursday, September 02, 2010

And then there was #2!

Last night I had the "privilege" :/ of pulling Reese's second loose tooth out. I don't think I was a successful as Greg! It was NOT really ready to come out so it bleed like crazy and when I pulled it out you could hear a ripping was horrible! Let's just say he was NOT happy with me and cried and bled for at least 5-10 minutes....I'm so sorry buddy! I don't think he will ever want me doing that again. I kept trying to get Greg to take over but when he saw the blood he was out of there....he has a weak stomach:) Thanks for nothing Greg;)
Also, he caught it on camera (thanks honey that was so sweet of you) Ha!



I felt terrible!!! Poor baby!

He was bleeding so bad! He did forgive me by the way:)