Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birdville Pep Rally

A few of our girls are on the cheerleading squad!

Reese doing the "claw" for the Birdville Hawks -the boy next to him is Harrison who was nice enough to teach Reese how to do it!

Abby and Reese with Caitlin--a new Senior this year and has babysat the kids--they love her!

This past week Birdville High School had their first pep rally.
Reese and I picked Abby up from school and I thought it would be fun to go check it out. Greg and I work with the juniors in the youth group so I knew we would see a ton of kids we knew. I also knew Abby and Reese would love seeing all the youth they know out on the gym floor! There was a band, cheerleaders, the football team and a bunch of crazy high school kids running all over the gym dressed funny--so it was a hit with the kids! Of course they spent the whole rally with their hands on their ears but they sure enjoyed themselves!
I plan on taking them to more of these and hopefully we will even
make it to more football games this year!
Go Hawks!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's Reese been up to?

He is taking this very seriously!

Notice the green pencil for Peter Pan-of course!
He will only write with green or brown since Peter Pan also had brown shoes---he's obsessed I tell ya!

We have been so into the kindergarten thing lately that you probably though we had forgotten Reese---well do not fear he is alive and well:) Actually me and Reese have been very busy these past few days...he's my new sidekick! We have been loving our days together and it has been amazing how quiet the house has been for Greg---now I am not saying Abby was the loud one but Reese and Abby together are crazy LOUD!
They feed off each other and make everything more "lively"-- we miss that but I know Greg is happy that he can actually be on a sales call and not have to explain what all the screaming is about--hehe sorry Greg I tired to keep them quiet:) (Note from Greg-- that's actually only happened twice in 19 months, but I keep the tv remote handy in case I need to drown out an occasional scream)
Anyways Abby's first day of school was also a big day for Reese! I took him to the bookstore to get him his very own "school" book and we started right away! I am not putting him in preschool this year (so he and I can get some quality time together:) so just like I did Abby I will "home school" Reese and teach him a few things--hopefully! Ha! No really actually he is only 3 and knows by sight all of his letters and can almost write them all--pretty smart dude! *It's amazing what the little one picks up when you are teaching the older one!
I feel so blessed to get to stay home with these guys and wouldn't trade it for anything!
I have been looking forward to some alone time with Reese since he really has had to share me from day one and he seems to be a little excited about that too!:)


I can't believe how long it has taken for her front tooth to come out--we have seriously been "battling" that thing for about a month! Now Greg and I will NOT pull out her teeth so whenever we are with someone that is crazy enough to try and likes to inflict pain on someone:) we jump at the chance! Many times people have tried but either it wasn't ready or she wimped out:) So as of today that little thing was hanging by a thread and we both thought for sure before she got home from school she would have lost it. Well surprisingly she still had it and secretly I was thrilled!
OK- now let me explain--I was thinking today that this would be the first "monumental" thing I would miss and I got a bit teary! Seriousily I have been blessed to have seen all of her first's; feed her her first food, saw her take her first steps, was there when she got her first boo-boo, first words, riding her bike..etc, I could go on but you get the point! (and if I go on I will cry) So anyways after I thought about it a bit I serectly prayed that it would hang on---for me:) I know that probably goes back to what I talked about eariler about not being selfish but hey cut me some slack:)
So you want to know if I saw it don't you? I DID! I was there and I was so HAPPY---we went to the library after school and she and Reese were playing and she fell and out it came---followed by ALOT of blood...but it was out and yet again my heart was blessed--thank you Lord!
Cheesy yes--but I don't care I absolutely love my kids and I am trying to cherish every moment--blood and all!;)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Abby's First Day of Kindergarten!

Leaving for school....

Walking in....

All of us--notice Reese is crying...not about Abby going to school though:)
I think he is kinda sensing things are changing but doesn't know yet how to feel about it--time will tell!

Outside the door....

Enough pictures already MOM!
I was just trying to capture every moment--hey this only happens once right?

Today was the day and oh was it a day:)
It started off great--she woke-up fine...EARLY but fine (we'll have to get used to that). Then we had some chocolate chip pancakes and we all took her to school! She really wasn't all that nervous, at least as far as I could tell, but she was concerned that there might be a bully in her class. We prayed about that and I told her I would pray for her during the day and she says, "Mommy, do you pray all day?" - I told her no but that I should!
Greg and I were surprised at how easy and uneventful the drop-off was --I am not sure what I expected but I guess I did expect to see at least a few crying mothers--I saw not a one....maybe they went home and cried in their closets?:)
Well-we left her in her room, she kissed us and said see ya later--welp, that was that huh? After almost 6 years of being home with me during the days that's all I get? hehe--no really it's ok! Greg and I were talking on the way home and we came to a realization: We really want to LET her grow-up--experience life apart from us and I feel no regret about all the years I have invested in her and that our time with her is not over- just a page has turned! I feel like God takes us through baby steps of releasing our kids into the world and this is phase 1---I hope to learn and trust God more and more through every phase so that one day I can support whatever the Lord will call her to do--even if it's moving thousands of miles away! (I 'm not ready for that as of now:)
But I do feel a sense of pride I guess--like all these years we have poured into her and loved on her and now she gets to pour into others---wow this journey is gonna be exciting and I feel such peace--- I know there will be tears along the way but that's why we have closets right?:)
Anyways- after all this I must say there was some hard times today too--one being when we got home she went straight to her room and closed her door---of course I follow her in asking 20 questions and she says, "Mommy, I need a little alone time." Ouch! I wanted to say NO--I haven't spent any "US" time today--but I smiled, turned around and walked away--but before I left I told her she had 20 minutes then she had to play with me! :) She was sweet enough to oblige and all was well--but walking away from her room I thought- wow- how am I gonna do this? She has spent all of her day with some strange teacher and I don't like it- she should be with me! Luckily I am pretty quick to come to my senses (sometimes) and I remembered it's not all about me---that hit me hard, but it was good and my heart is full---thank you Jesus for His presence because without Him I would be even more self-centered:)
Well tomorrow starts day 2----sure hope it gets easier sooner rather than later:)
................she's such a great girl --I guess it's about time I share her huh? (just not too much:)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Go into the world...

...and make disciples!"

Today we had a sweet time of prayer for Abigail before she goes out into her
mission field at Porter Elementary on Monday.
Debbie called a few weeks back and asked if the family could get together for a commissioning time for Abby before she starts school. It was so great to get all of the Stamps family together to pray over her and it was so precious to hear Reese, Charlie and Landry pray for her too! Abby was very encouraged and I can see that she sees the importance of the opportunity she has to influence those she meets at school and she's ready to go! I love seeing the eagerness and willingness in her heart and how she has no fears of what people might think or if she might offend them----she just wants to share with anyone who will listen! Debbie and Jerry took this picture of Abby in front of her school and gave all of us one to put on our refrigerator so we can pray for her whenever we see it---I love this idea! Feel free to print this off if you can and put it on your fridge--I know Abby would love it and Greg and I would appreciate your prayers also!
*May Porter Elementary be forever changed because of what the Lord is gonna do through her there!

Meet the Teacher

Abby with her new school mascot--look at those fangs--Reese was super freaked out-he was screaming whenever the Panther came near!

Abby's desk/table:)

Abby and her new kindergarten teacher Ms. Thompson

Last night we took Abby to meet her teacher Ms. Thompson. It was so bitter sweet walking into the school--knowing we are starting a new chapter yet closing another and it has been surprisingly hard on me. Abby and I both have been praying for just the perfect teacher for her and that she would be content and excited about her new school adventure. It was neat to see her reaction to getting Mrs. Thompson because earlier that day she told me that that's who she wanted--pretty cool it worked out that way. I asked her why and she was honest she said, "she's pretty-- she looks like you Mommy." ---she knows how to work her Mommy huh? No really all kidding aside it has all been an answer to prayer and I have such a peace about the upcoming year. I know it's because the Lord has been preparing me for the last 6 years;) -it sure takes me awhile huh?
I would appreciate all the prayers we can get--that she would be a light to her teacher and her classmates and that the Lord would protect her from any ungodly influences. Also that she would desire obedience and seek first His righteousness. It is so comforting for me to know she is a Christian and that the Lord will be with her--since I can't:) *sniff sniff*

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally Done!

*notice the cake is in the refrigerator (I can't take it out)---I have never made a cake in August here in Texas....whenever I took the cake out it began melting immediately--crazy! *I told Keri she may want to serve the cake from the fridge---or serve it in bowls....gotta love Texas summers!!

About a week ago I was talking with a good friend of mine, Keri, and she was facing some hard times. Her husband and mother-in-law were getting surgery and to top it off her daughter was turning 5 at the end of the week! I wanted to help her out but wasn't sure how so when I found out she was about to order a cake for her daughter's birthday party I thought I could lean a hand! Now I haven't been doing cakes long and really only make them for family birthdays but I knew this would be a way I could help them save money and time. I began Monday thinking I could slowly make the cake in stages--well pretty much you can try but really the night before you always end up cramming! I finally finished tonight with help from Greg--thanks honey--and I think it turned out great! --of course it's always hard to look at your own cake because you see all the flaws but over all I like it;)
What do you think Mom?? (I posted this one for you--love you)

OH-I forgot to explain the cake--it's a horse theme party so that's a little horse on the top and horseshoes behind him--hope you were able to figure that out yourself....if not I'm in trouble:)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Peter Pan Reese!

I just LOVE this picture! Last night we finally talked Reese into getting a new green shirt for his Peter Pan costume. See about 2 months ago Reese was over playing at Charlie and Landry's and he wanted to dress-up in a Peter Pan costume like Charlie--well Anglea didn't have another costume so she got an old shirt of hers that would work and he hasn't taken it off since! I kept telling him I would buy him another one-since his was way too big and we had to tie it with a hair tie so it won't fall off! Well FINALLY last night he was ready to upgrade and this is what we got! Isn't he adorable---he loves to stand like this---also notice my cutting job...pretty good I'd say:) I plan on blowing this picture up really big and framing it for his room....he would just love that!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Good ol' Dick and Jane!

Here's a video of Abby reading Dick and Jane. She's been really into reading all summer--I think she's ready for kindergarten don't you?

Abby's Pool Party

Pool craziness!

Egg "toss" --more like egg bash!

Abby has been asking forever to have a party with some of her friends --because of us being out of town and Abby changing her mind a hundred times (about what kind of party she wanted:) we finally had a pool party about a week ago! Now I thought planning this party would be easy, but with Abby being older now she wants to have the say so in ALL the planning and she just had too many ideas to pull off in such a short time! But we were able to have a swim party, picnic lunch, cake (which she was very specific about- she wanted it to be a VERY high cake--not sure why but I did the best I could) and we also had an egg toss--which was pretty interesting.....the boys just kept throwing them in the street--they didn't care about "tossing" they just wanted to break them:)
It was a great time and I am glad we were able to pull it off before school starts--which is a week from today--WOW....I can't believe it!
Soon I will be blogging about meet the teacher and Abby's first day of school! When I started this blog I never thought I would blog for this long---they were just babies when we started and now my first is heading to school--I am very excited for her and she is a little nervous but very ready!
*Sorry I have been slacking lately with my blogging--the Olympics has been keeping me busy:)---last night without even realizing it we stayed up till 1am watching it! (thanks to our DVR--we were at the Rangers game until 10:30 and then had to catch up!) I really like watching it..especially the marathon running and gymnastics, but man, I seriously can't wait for it to be over so I can get some SLEEP and actually get some stuff done!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

"You're DONE!"

This is the video I promised of Reese feeding the animals at the Ice Cream Festival in Austin.

He was so hilarious --he would feed them for a little while then he would take it away and tell the animal they were done! *He kept saying they were eating too much....he's a character!

Package from Granny and PaPa!

The other day Reese got a package in the mail from Granny and PaPa and he was soooo excited! He had left a few things in KC when we had visited a few weeks before and the two things left were very dear to him! First being his PETER PAN movie (he was devastated:( ) and he also left a scrapbook that Granny had made him with tons of pictures and one was of Peter Pan! So you can imagine how anxious he was to get his hands on those again:)
So anyways when we opened the package we found those things and a few more goodies! They had sent him a Royals t-shirt which he couldn't wait to put on and show Daddy! He likes to tease Greg about liking other teams, for example he and Abby have this chant they say all the time about loving the Yankees--they think they are SO funny:)
Well after putting the shirt on he runs into Greg's office (he works from home) and says, "look Daddy I can love 2 teams!" (he has his royals shirt on and a rangers cap) He was very happy!

**Sorry Granny and PaPa he wasn't as excited about the polo shirts- but I was! Thanks!
He wore the Royals shirt all day then at bedtime he set it on the washer and asked if I could get it clean for the morning! (I told him fat chance:) --only kidding--really I'm a sucker... I think I had it clean and dry before I went to bed:)

Stamps Family Olympics 2008

Last night Greg's parents invited all of us over to compete in our own little family Olympics. Really just the kids competed but all of us had a wonderful time! Debbie and Jerry pulled out all the stops in planning the events-we started out with the opening ceremonies (torch and all) then played volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, gymnastics (tumbling, balance beam and rings) then we went to the track for- running relays, long-jump, high-jump, then we got in the pool for- diving, synchronized swimming and a swimming contest! It was a great time and we all got a medal!
I put together a little movie and I tried to capture as much as I could so I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I can't believe I forgot.... tell you all about one of the BIGGEST highlights of our trip! On Friday afternoon we took the kids rafting down the river in New Braunfels. Sadly we didn't get any pictures because of course the camera couldn't get wet, but man we would have had some great ones! We floated for about 2 hours--the water was cold, which was NICE and it sure didn't keep the kids from jumping in! They both kept jumping tubes and splashing each other (and us:)--we had a blast! It was an awesome time for us to take them on their first float because they both love water and swim very well so they weren't scared a bit! I really want to get a trip together sometime to go down there again because it would be a wonderful thing to do with a bunch of families. It's cheaper than Schlitterbahn (the local water park) and it's different--- something you don't get to do everyday! I highly recommend it!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Vacation to Austin

This weekend we decided to take a little road trip to Austin. People always say we travel ALOT and really we do (we would travel more if possible:) but normally we go on vacations with grandparents or other family--which we love but it is nice to get away just the 4 of us from time to time!
So where to begin? We did soooo much I don't know any other way to do it but to just post some pictures and tell it as I go---so here goes!

We left for Austin on Thursday afternoon and made it just in time for Beauty and the Beast in the was free--hot, but FREE! We ended up getting there right when it began and had great seats...the kids loved it and wanted to stay the whole time but it was getting really late--we had a big weekend ahead of us!

We found the greatest climbing tree walking out to the car---isn't it incredible! We love trees and we are always looking for the perfect one to climb!

The kids slept together--they loved it--(when they were awake)--as soon as they fell asleep they kicked each other and kept crying that the other was laying on them--also they both were a little sick so that didn't help--anyways the last night we got another bed to split them up.....we slept really good that night:)

Saturday we took the kids to see Peter Pan at a local children's theater. The kids both liked it and were SO excited about going! Now if you ask Reese today if he liked the show he would say no....but only because Captain Hook came out in the audience and stood maybe 2 feet in front of him....he didn't like that at all!

Abby with Peter Pan--she was brave...Reese still doesn't like people in costume--he stood back and just had me get his autograph!

Family Vacation to Austin -Part 2

*this silly blogger doesn't let me post more than 5 pictures at a time so this will take a few posts to get through!

Saturday we went to the Austin Ice Cream Festival

Kids eating ice cream trying to stay cool!

Reese feeding the animals---Greg took a video that I will post later!

Abby riding a pony...she's really into horses lately
---she might take horse- riding lessons this fall!

Greg heard about this bridge in downtown Austin that has 1.5 million bats living under it and at about 8:30pm every night in the summer you can go to the bridge and watch them fly out for the night---wow it was incredible they just kept coming--flying right over us and they seemed to never stop---crazy!

Family Vacation to Austin -Part 3

We did alot of eating while we were away and Greg had planned every meal and activity with great thought--- he did tons of research to make sure we did all there was to do while we were away!

One of the highlights of the trip for Greg (besides of course spending time with us:) was eating at a place called Kreuz Market in Lockhart, TX.
He had heard that it was the best bar-b-que in Texas so we just had to go! This is what we saw when we walked in to order and wow was it HOT--you ordered your food out in the warehouse where they smoked the meat right in front of you! I kept thinking if this is where we have to eat I'm eating in the car!:) --luckily they had a separate dining room with air-conditioning--yay!
Greg was in heaven and said he had the best ribs ever! And well me and the kids were really missing the bar-b-que sauce (we're dippers--we love our condiments:)---can you believe they serve NO sauce...what kind of bar-b-que place is that?? --anyway I didn't like the food all that much but I DID appreciate the history of the restaurant and it's atmosphere ---if you're ever down that way and you want some great smoked meat you must stop by---just bring your favorite sauce with you.....I recommend KC Masterpiece:)

Greg digging in--notice the plates...there are none! You get your meat on butcher paper with 4 loaves of white bread and saltine crackers.....weird huh? (the kids and I ate bread and crackers:)
Greg got us ice cream on the way back to the hotel-- he's so sweet!

Sunday we went to the Children's Museum--it was full of activities and crazy noise makers--the kids LOVED it! Abby was in one of the rooms doing a craft and she says, " Oh man this is the best day of my life!" -I think she liked it don't you?

Science room--the challenge was to use 3 pieces of paper and balance 30 pennies on the end extended 6 inches off the edge--we all succeed! *notice Greg got all creative with his 3 papers--always has to out do me huh? :P

My creative hat---right after this picture the kids ran up and screamed in those cones on my ears---ouch it was LOUD!
Gotta love those kiddos!

Welp I think I did an ok job of covering everything we did-- the only part I skipped--due to no pictures-- was us spending Saturday evening with Chip and Emma Jean Dishinger and their whole family....we went swimming, ate pizza and watched the Olympics together! It was a great night of playing and catching up!
We also spent the afternoon Friday with Greg's great Aunt Rosa--she was wonderful and the kids just loved her---she's an artist and it was great for Abby to get to spend time with her talking art and touring her art studio!
On Sunday we met Stacey and Steven Russell for lunch after church. They had a crazy weekend moving into their new house but took time out to grab lunch with us. Thanks guys!
We had a great weekend and can't wait to travel again...hehe only kidding...kinda:)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cold Front

I thought Greg really just wanted to get a picture of me with this beautiful horse but really he wanted me to get eaten by the horse;)--he kept saying, "closer honey....get closer!" --this is as close as I get to a sweaty horse!

Tonight since a cold front came though and it was only 100 degrees out instead of 108 we decided to take a little bike ride to go feed the horses--(they live right down the street)
The kids love feeding them and the whole time Reese asked, "Is he gonna eat my finger?" ***once during Cousins Camp he had a horse bite his finger while he was trying to feed it and he's never been the same:) --don't worry the horse let go and didn't even break the skin...just his psyche!
Anyways we spent a whole hour outside tonight--that's pretty good--we really only go out if we're gonna get wet or get in an air-conditioned car!
The horses were happy to see us.....they don't see many people in these parts during the summer:) --ohhhh how I long for the fall!

Stray Sprinkles!

**You might be wondering what in the world the kids are doing in the picture??**
Well today we made a cake because Abby is having a little swim party with some friends tomorrow and she really wanted a cake too! So since I love baking I was all about it and the kids helped me every step of the way. So about the picture -well both of our kids have a serious sweet tooth (Abby more than Reese but they're both still pretty bad) so after we had made the cake and iced it we put some sprinkles on it. And this is the kids licking up the "loose" sprinkles that fell off the cake--by this time they had had way too much sugar so I told them they couldn't have anymore but Reese talked me into eating these because they were trash anyways---I'm a sucker I know and they're pathetic...they'll take it however they can get it;) I'm also really sick to my stomach tonight because I can't resist batter of any kind (cake, brownie or cookie dough--it's my weakness;)...I try to resist but every time I hate myself for licking the bowl and the spoon and the beaters and...and... and---I told you I'm bad:) ...maybe that's why I love baking?

*also you gotta click on the picture and see it up close--it's pretty funny ...they are really focused and determined to get those sprinkles!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rock Star Abby!

We're all up late tonight watching the Rangers game (like every other night;) and Abby disappeared for a bit and when she returned this is how she was dressed! She said she's a rock star (because of her glasses) and that her name is Hannah Montana with a cape?! What's funny is that she's never really even seen the show but she loves her all the same! She wanted me to point out her shoes---she got them for school--she LOVES these shoes!
*Welp gotta get back to the Rangers we're winning!

When Nature Calls!

Yes, he is peeing off our back porch! Ever since he went camping with Maw Maw and Poppa he thinks you need to pee in nature. When Reese wakes up in the morning he heads straight out the back door and takes care of business! Once he didn't just pee--(if you know what I mean;) and he got in big trouble...I told him he's not a dog and we have a toilet for a REASON! So now before he goes outside he says, "Mommy, I'm NOT gonna go poo just pee....promise!" -He cracks me up! Yesterday he was outside going pee and he decided he would pee on a tennis ball and when Greg was mowing he wasn't very happy to find that wet ball (he said it splatter on him)--- he wasn't happy AT ALL!
Now don't worry we have taught Reese that we only pee in our backyard and thats it --so please don't fear inviting us over to your house--we did teach him how to use a toilet;)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

"Look Mom we're happy!"

So today we needed to get a few things done-- "errands" as we call them--Reese says he hates that word:)
Anyways- Greg and I gave them a BIG talk, or the 'threaten their lives' talk- whatever you may call it;)--you know the kind you give your kids right before you have to go in a store to buy stuff that you know they have no interest in and you just know they are gonna climb all over the place, through the clothes racks and have to go potty 40 times--well anyways this was the kinda talk we had with them right before we entered the mall! (I miss the good 'ole days with a stroller--strap 'em in and get 'er done!)
So anyways we are in The Gap trying to get Abby a new outfit for her first day of school and Abby and Reese call me over and say, "Mommy, take a picture--look how happy we are!" I just had to laugh....I guess the "talk" was effective because we got everything done with only 2 break downs (which were quite minor), 4 potty breaks ( 2 of those were Greg and I) and we only lost Abby and Reese once for about 3 seconds (don't worry we found them in front of a TV watching the Wiggles:)
Gotta love shopping with kids!