Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happy 31st Birthday Greg!

Abby painted Greg this picture for his office--she worked two days on it!

Reese bought Greg a Nolan Ryan figurine of when he got hit in the face by a line drive and kept on pitching--Nolan Ryan is the MAN!:) Reese kept giving Greg "hints" about his gift. He told Greg that it had blood on it and it was something baseball....I think by process of elimination Greg probably figured that one out huh?

This weekend we celebrated Greg's 31st Birthday! Finally after 6 weeks of teasing me he is finally my age (yes I am older:) We had the greatest day together. We went to this amazing restaurant called Blue Mesa. It was so yummy! They had sweet potato chips with salsa--I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sweet potatoes so I was in heaven:) ~Greg also loved it:)
I also made Patsy Cake-his favorite dessert and he (and the kids and I;) ate it in about 2 days--hehe! (calories don't count on your birthday right?...wait since it wasn't my birthday do they count for me??? ;)
Anyways we continued his Birthday celebration on Friday by going to the Rangers game--a prefect end to a perfect Birthday huh?
Happy Birthday Greg!

~oh I also got Greg something for his birthday:) I got him a new Rangers cap and I actually found one that fits just right...I was so proud! I also got him some new shoes that are so crazy. They are called Five Fingers by Vibram. Check them out--you can use them for anything-hiking, rafting, running, yoga etc. He also got me a pair for his birthday. I didn't ask I promise- it was his idea:) He's the best isn't he?:)

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