Sunday, May 10, 2009


Greg and I in our matching Fivefingers---believe me we tried to find me another color but they didn't have my size:) Oh well---I don't think another color would have changed how weird these things look huh?

For Greg's birthday I got him some Fivefingers and he was nice enough to get me a pair too!
We have both heard a lot about these shoes--you can do anything you want in them-- any water sport, hiking, rick climbing, yoga, and running. Well anyways tonight I decided I would give running a try. I was kinda nervous because I really didn't want to get injured or get stuck on the side of the road looking stupid holding these silly shoes:) Well anyways the run went really well and I loved running in them! They give the same effects of barefoot running, but with a thin rubber sole to keep your feet from getting jacked up. The run went really smooth and I was very careful with every step:) I didn't seem to get tired as fast which was weird and all that hurt were my calf's (which were super tight--I think running in them I am using some different muscles) Anyways I think I am really gonna like running in these shoes. I am hoping one day to get trained up for a triathlon and man would these shoes be perfect. I would never have to change my shoes because I can wear these in all three events! Pretty cool!
Well if anyone is feeling brave I would say check these shoes out. I know I am gonna really enjoy the change and new challenge--change is good and trying new things out is always a fun adventure!
Go for it!:)

Here is a cool website that talks about barefoot running--it's pretty interesting!

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