Monday, May 29, 2006

Worlds of Fun...literally!

well I can't believe how long it has been since I blogged last...I have been going through withdraws! I must say I am a laptop snob now and here in KC I can't use mine so things have been tough:) We have been having alot of fun here even though my Dad has been in the hospital since Friday morning..that has been very sad and we miss him alot! He has been having some heart problems and they are trying to correct it but things have not been going to smoothly....we hope that tomorrow our last day that he will be home!
We have been able to do some fun things though. Yesturday we went to Worlds of Fun it's like Six Flags....Abby and I went with my brother his son and his girlfriend and her son. Sadly Reese didn't come but after the long day it was for the best because he couldn't ride anything and it was blistering hot....96 degrees I thought I left Texas last week? Also today we had lunch at my sisters with the family....and we were very sad my dad couldn't make it...but we tried to have fun anyway.
In the first picture Abby is riding a ride and loving it
The next picture is of all the cousins sitting watching their crazy Aunt Christi do something silly.
And then the last one is of Reese and he was loving his banana pudding ALOT!

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