Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Weekday Silliness!

well these last few days have been busy but we really have not done to much which is always a mystery to me....but anyways we still got some cute pictures and have some funny stories. First this picture of Reese...he is really loving eating bananas lately but only like the monkeys eat it....Below is Abby putting makeup on this morning....she wakes up around the time I am getting ready and loves to sit on the sink and do what I do....she thinks I paint my face...which that is what it looks like!

I walked into the room today and Abby was sitting like this....what a lady! She is doing more and more things just like a little lady...shs is growing up way too fast:(
Another thing happened funny today at MOPS, which is a program we go to called Mothers of Preschoolers. I went to pick up Abby and her teacher begins to tell me she is sorry but today the kids watched a video called "Exercise with Elmo" and Abby said that she can NOT excercise/dance because mommy says she can't. Well first I never said that and second the teacher was afraid that Greg and I don't let her dance or something....which is hilarious because we dance everyday... we are all about it! Anyways Abby is now set straight about the whole dancing "exercise" thing....now she can boggie all she wants at the Baptist Church:)


Burkhalter Ministry said...

That's hilariousI! I am so happy to have found your blog and stay up to date with you guys. We miss you.
Any plans for a visit down south?

frusao said...

Your posting was really nice. Thanks for sharing those family fun pictures. Truly,"Joy shared is joy multiplied". Those kids were just brave to do the mountain climbing etc. For one thing, let us not forget to include God in our family fun times. God bless you and your entire family.