Thursday, May 25, 2006

We're in Kansas City!

Well I would have blogged earlier but I don't have access to my computer so it makes things a bit harder for me.... I am not to good at this computer stuff! But we had a good's about an hour shorter than the DC to Dallas trip and that made it alot better for all of us! When we got here we headed to Cracker sorry Greg I know that is your favorite...Greg had to go back to DC to work so we are on our own without Daddy:(
The kids have already helped PaPa with the pool stuff and they sure love to do that...which is crazy to me! As you can see Reese was very busy helping PaPa with the tools....Abby and her cousin Trevin were checking the pool levels and Abby did a great job sweeping the sidewalk! We hope to get in the pool tomorrow because the weather is really heating up! Well keep you updated!

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