Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Before church--they did not want to be taking pictures but I couldn't resist!

Digging in the dirt...making sure he gets that white shirt dirty before we even get in the car--classic:)


Reese has been asking Daddy for a tie for a long time so the other day Greg and Reese went and picked out just the right one! He was very excited to wear it to church on Sunday and told us that everyone kept telling him that he was "styling" ~he thought that was really cool:)
Abby also got a new dress and flip flops and was also excited to wear it! She LOVES dresses which is kinda funny because she is also a very big tomboy! I love that she has a little bit of both it makes her very universal which makes for the perfect chick--loves to camp but sure enjoys a pedicure from time to time---now that's my kinda girl:)

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