Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shopping with the Bestie!

Abby had a field trip today to the Opera and she asked if her and her friend Paige could go shopping together to get a new dress.  Karen (Paige's Mom) and I decided that was a fun idea so last night after school we headed to Target to shop!  The girls love the clothes there because they have Disney Channel outfits from some of their favorite shows like Shake it Up (this outfit is from that show:)
The girls ended up picking out the exact outfit from head to toe!  Abby was a bit nervous about matching this morning, worried they would be made fun of, but all is well and the girls enjoyed being twinkies for the day:)
Fun times....this girl is growing up right way too fast!  Wait until you hear about where I am taking Abby this weekend....stay tuned because it's a doozie:)  I can't believe I am already to this stage!  

Paige and Abby (Abby's BFF since kindergarten!)

Silly Abby in highheels!  She wears a 6 1/2 in WOMEN now!!!
I thinking us sharing shoes is not too far away.    

just had to show you their shoes....adorable!  I think I need a pair:)  

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