Friday, December 04, 2009

Ice Cream Sandwiches are Yum-O!

Every Friday Reese and I (and sometimes Daddy) go have lunch with Abby at school.
I know Abby would be happy if we came everyday but once a week is healthy I think;)
After the kids eat their lunch which is normally Chick Fil-A or Mc Donald's (if they can talk me into it:) I sometimes get the kids an ice cream sandwich and they LOVE them! They are such a mess though, ya know? I remember eating these as a kid and the chocolate cookie part is so sticky! Well, it doesn't seem to bug the kids but Abby does worry that she might have something on her face or in her teeth before going back to class-which is super cute:) More and more everyday she is becoming aware of herself and how others preceive her. It's a bit scary but it's inevitable so I guess I better be on my toes because she's gonna need as much affirmation as we can dish out!:) I believe it's not gonna be too hard thinking of all of her wonderful attributes--she's one of a kind!

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