Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Cave of the Winds Climbing Course

One of the things the kids were very excited about was going to the Cave of the Winds to climb the new climbing course that hangs over the cliff!  Now Greg and I were not quite as excited since we have a pretty bad fear of heights but we decided to suck it up and climb with them anyway.  I know we are such sacrificial parents;) 
It was HIGH and I knew we would not fall but I just kept fearing I would anyway:/  So weird how that happens!
The kids had no fear and Greg actually got the hang of it pretty quick too....I did ok but I was mostly climbing a little here and there and then holding on to the poles watching the kids:)  
One of the climbing instructors was really nice and he helped me across and even took this amazing picture of us hanging out over the cliff...yes I did climb over there with them but I was pretty terrified!  Glad I did it though...we made some great memories! (what you don't see in this picture is Greg and I holding onto the pole-ha!)
Reese being the bear in the gift shop

game face

high, high. very high!

lets do this:)

oh he was SO excited!  

here goes nothing!!

brave Abby!

see it hanging over the cliff?  Wow!

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