Sunday, September 16, 2012

Secret Keeper Girls!

This weekend I took Abby to Houston for a mother/daughter event in Houston.  Two other Mom friends of mine and their daughters went with us and the girls were SO excited!  They got to skip school Friday because of the drive because we had to be at the church by 6:30pm so why not miss the whole day right?;)
The event was so well done and the girls thought it was SO cool!  It was a PJ party theme so we were all decked out, comfy and looked adorable! I would NEVER miss an opportunity to wear my pj's in public:)
The whole message of the event was to talk about modesty and purity and encourage the girls to commit to being "secret" keepers...aka keep themselves covered and honor God by valuing themselves.  We also got some great prayer time together and I loved getting to pray over her...I got a little teared up when I was praying and I didn't think she noticed but then today we were driving home and she said, "Mom, I think I heard you sniffing while you were praying Friday...were you crying?"  Ha!  Nothing gets past her:)

Me and my Secret keeper girl!

All of us in our PJ's ready to go party!!!

It was a big dance party, the girls LOVED IT!

After they were handed out the balloons that were on stage and Abby managed to get this one!
 It was huge and barely fit in the car:)

Abbie, AnnaBeth and Abby
These are a few of Abby's new friends at our new"ish" church:)

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