Friday, June 28, 2013

Long time no POST!

Wow it's been awhile and I bet no one even reads this anymore but I thought I would at least update a little bit.  We have been up to our eyeballs in baseball all-stars this summer and it has been NUTS around here!  Reese has been doing a great job pitching and playing shortstop.  It has also been hard though because the competition is tough and the boys aren't so used to losing...this is new for them!
It has been great character building though....for us and Reese:)
I thought I would do a little catch up on the summer so far....hopes this covers everything!
Pool time...the only way to keep cool here in Texas!

The crazy jump picture...classic:)

Abby's art from art class this summer

Greg and I went to NYC for 4 days--I tagged along for a business trip!  So much fun!

Eating in NYC!

Eating at Cafe Lalo! (Restaurant in the movie You've Got Mail)

Very cool bridge over Chelsea Market--it's an old railroad track that they made into a park.

Reese at the batting cages....we have had alot of  baseball this summer:)

We have NOT gone to a game yet this season...I repeat the Stamps have not seen the Rangers play this season....this game rained out and we had to go home!  So sad!

End of year party for Abby's class....she's now a 5th grader!

Hip-hop dance recital!  She did so good!!!

Reese got a new UT hat....he has gotten ALOT of slack about this hat!  Lots of A&M friends around these parts:)

Abby teaching me some brake-dancing! I still got it folks:)

Granny and Papa came to visit!

Greg and I headed to NYC

Hotel in Times Square

Us sad that the Rangers got rained out.  Finally got to a game and it was cancelled!! BOO!

House under construction!!! 

Got new floors throughout the house and retiled the front bathroom

Greg (Head Coach) giving Reese his trophy for the Spring season of Royals baseball

goofy time with this gal.

She LOVES Sushi....loves...loves...loves it.  Weirdo;)

Reese loves pizza....alot:)  Not so unusual.

new haircut....stud.

Father's Day Daddy ever!


Natasha said...

I read it!!! :-)

Well, actually, I don't check blogs very often anymore, but I did just now and apparently I picked a good day! :-) Nice job catching up!!

Love ya! Have a great trip this week!!

Carolyn said...

Good job on the blog! I love Abby's art work of the dog! If it hasn't been promised to someone, I would love to have it and frame it! So adorable. Love you guys, msK