Thursday, January 05, 2012

St. Louis Arch!

After our time in Kansas City for Christmas we decided to go see my great Aunt in St. Louis.  We have been wanting to go for some time but have not been able to make the trip because the long drive with the kids is tough after we already drove 10 hours north! 
Anyways we had a great visit and enjoyed some sightseeing on Thursday with my Mom and Dad (they drove up with us)
The kids really enjoyed the Arch and Greg and I made it up without a panic attack;) 
 (just a tad bit claustrophobic:/)
All was well and the view was fantastic!  It's super high:)  
We did not die...that is good. 
Granny and PaPa!

There she's big!

nice angle shot eh?:) thank you.  ha!

here's the tiny capsule we rode up in...ekkk!:)

Going up....

up....up....creeking and bumping all the way.
 I was at ease when I saw the emergency staircase outside our tiny window:)

Boo Cardinals!!!!!

checking out the sites

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