Monday, April 08, 2013


We have a new family member!  Reese bought himself a dwarf hamster and named him Toby!
He has been fitting in quite nicely and so far Reeser has been taking great care of him!  Abby was also very excited about getting the hamster and has offered to babysit him whenever Reese needs her to:)
I must admit he's a pretty cute little guy even if he is a rodent and he poops on you when he gets nervous;)

Getting all the necessary accessories!

Toby's home!

picking out the perfect one!

He paid for Toby all by himself! 

waiting is so hard to do:)

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Natasha said...

So cool! I had a hamster when I was a kid. Actually, 2 of them. One was named Flossy, and the other Sugar. I loved them. I did not love cleaning out the poop. But I guess you have to take the bad with the good! :)