Monday, March 18, 2013

Passport to Purity

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A little junk food at midnight:)

a cool hotal always has a cool elevator!

Breakfast of  crepes GONE!

Before crepes...

painting pottery together!


Celebration dinner!

CHEESECAKE to finish the weekend off right!

A few weeks back Abby and I went on a special “girls only” weekend to go through Passport to Purity, a 5 session study about scripture's views of Sex, Purity and Relationships...and much more!  You can go check it out here.

Abby, for some time now, has been asking more and more questions about sex, boys, relationships,...etc. and after much prayer and researching Greg and I decided she was ready to hear ALL about it.  One thing I feel very strongly about is that I want Abby to hear about sex and God’s view of it from ME!  After talking to many of my friends I discovered that most had never even had a sex talk with their Moms and none of them had a weekend away dedicated to I decided to change that for Abby:)
I found a hotel in Dallas and we spent the weekend together going through the sessions and had wonderful, deep, (some uncomfortable) conversations.  She was very open and asked a TON of questions.  It has been such a blessing to see how much our relationship has changed since that weekend.  She definitely matured a ton but also she and I bonded and she really appreciated me telling her and respecting her by entrusting her with all this information.  
It honestly was better than I could have ever imagined!  I highly recommend using this resource for your kids!  I think for too long parents have been silent on the issue of sex, or at least too quiet about it. They shy away from certain topics in fear that if their kids learn about it or are exposed to it that they would automatically be tempted or desire to engaged in it.  They need to hear about it from us and be warned about the traps of the devil and be aware how he tries to enslave us to sexual sin, pornography, same sex attraction...etc.  It is all over and not knowing about it causes confusion and I don’t want them getting false information from their friends, media, billboards, etc.  This program talks about everything from friendships, dating, kissing, puberty, insecurity, peer pressure, marriage and God’s intent for sex to be saved for marriage and much, much more.  There is also an additional optional CD that goes a bit deeper and more intense which I thought was very tastefully done.  

I think the biggest blessing and take away from the weekend is the fruit I have been seeing in her and me since.  We have been relating more like sisters in Christ and out of no where she will say the most wise and profoundly deep things that I am certain is the Lord working in her heart.  What an amazing answer to prayer....I'm so grateful.

I’m kinda sad it’s over and that I don’t get to do the “talk” again for another girl:(....but I am passing the baton to Greg...may the force be with you honey!  Praying for that day already:) 

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