Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Rec Center

Our city built a new recreation center and the pool area is amazing!  They have a rock climbing wall that you climb up and then fall into the water.  Abby could climb this wall all day long and now Reese loves it too.  I know he has a broken wrist but he insisted on trying and told me if it hurt he would jump off.  He didn't jump off and said it felt fine!  Maybe he will get the cast off this Tuesday!  I sure hope so!  Poor guy is so annoyed by it:/
Reese taking a climb...with a cast:)

Abby is part lizard.
This summer we are getting a rock climbing season pass at a local gym for us to go as a family...should be fun! It gets to hot here to be outside all the time...we like air conditioning:)

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