Monday, March 09, 2009

Imagination Movers!!!!!!

Us outside the Bass Hall in Ft. Worth

See how close they were?---crazy!

View from our seats

This past Saturday we took the kids to see their favorite group The Imagination Movers! They're a show on the Disney Channel that the kids love to watch everyday so Greg thought it would be fun to surprise them with some tickets to see them when they came to Ft. Worth! We have had the tickets for almost 4 months now so it has been a LONG wait for the kids but it was well worth it! They had a great time!
We were in row C so we were up close and personal. The kids at first didn't know what to make of it--they wouldn't dance or even move....they were entranced! They finally warmed up a little but only after Greg started dancing with them--Greg was really into it! It was hilarious!
We had a great time together and as Reese would put it, "We had a great time as a family!"
(Reese is always asking, "Mommy, is it family night?" -he always loves for all of us to be's so sweet!)

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