Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Weekend of Eating!

Greg and me on the balcony at The Oasis

Beautiful huh? ~view from our table

Stacey and me and her belly---isn't she adorable???

Greg and me at the Salt Lick--one of many places we ate!

Us in front of the fountain at The University of Texas--we took a self guided tour!

While the kids were away at Cousins Camp (read the next post) Greg took me to Austin for a few days to celebrate my birthday! We headed out on Wednesday around 1pm hoping to make it into Austin around 4:30 or so. Well we had a slight delay in Hillsboro when we had a flat tire! Thankfully it happened with just Greg and me because it would have been ALOT more painful if we had to entertain the kids in the waiting room for 1 1/2 hours! We were able to get it taken care of pretty fast and made it to Austin by 6pm or so.
Now this is where the eating began! Greg has this "thing" about food---he likes to try anything and everything and is quite happy when we travel so he can pull out his Zagat book-it's basically a book of the best food places in every city and he likes to plan out our trips around the places we eat. Now this isn't so terrible because I can sure appreciate some good food--especially desserts--but it is VERY bad for the waist line! Let's just say we haven't been eating much since we got home---it's a form of punishment for our gluttony:)
Anyways- We ate at Z Tejas (amazing Southwest food), Kerby Lane Cafe (yummy pumpkin pancakes), Salt Lick (Austin style Bar-B-Que) and then at The Oasis (not good Mexican food but great atmosphere and sunset view over Lake Travis)
Also while we were in Austin we got to see my friend Stacey (college roommate) and her husband Steven.
They were the ones to introduce us to The Oasis and we had a great night of talking over chips and salsa and a beautiful sunset--what could be better?:)
It was great catching up with them and getting to see Stacey's pregnant belly!!! She's 21 weeks along and is having a boy! I am so excited for her and can't wait to see her in action as a Mommy--she's gonna do great!
Well we had a great time and when we weren't eating we were shopping with my birthday money--(thanks Greg for not complaining about that)--he was a sport going through all the boutiques and girlie stores--he even braved an Outlet mall with me:) He also surprised me with buying me a new dress that I didn't have to spend my birthday money on---he sure knows the way to a woman's heart huh? :) He says it wasn't all that bad....he got to eat and I got to shop....prefect compromise!


Landon Andrew said...

Love the pictures! What a fun weekend! Where do you get your super cute jewelry?

Becky said...

Thanks Kari!
I got a ton of new jewelry from Cookie Lee just about a month ago---you know those home jewelry parties like Permiere Jewelery?
Anyways I really like Cookie Lee--it's inexpensive and cute--I highly recommend it:)

Landon Andrew said...

I have never heard of Cookie Lee...I will check it out. We are going to the beach in a month, so I want to get some new things for the trip! Thank you! :-)

Live~Laugh~Love said...

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday getaway! How fun! I love that pic of you and your hubs on the balcony. You look so pretty!