Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Piggie Opera

The proud family after the show!

Abby's class in in the front on their knees-Abby is 3 over from the left in a yellow sweater

Abby and her good friend Gabbie---they are crazy together...notice the missing teeth! I love it!

Tuesday night Abby's kindergarten class performed a musical called The Little Piggie Opera and it was so adorable!
They have been practicing for a couple months and Abby was so excited for us to all come see it. Poppa got it on video but it's kinda long so I won't post it but take my word for it --it was super cute!
She was pretty shy up there when she had to come to the front row but when she went back to her spot on the back row she seemed to warm up quite a bit! Greg and I both really love musicals so it was fun to see her perform in her first--hopefully many more to come....we'll see:)
Each kindergarten class was a different pig (straw (Abby's class), sticks, and brick) then another class was the big bad wolf. Reese was pretty concerned about the wolf part- he didn't want to sit in the front row but thankfully (for him) we had to sit quite a few rows back:)
~It is still weird for me to think Abby is in school and is doing musicals and stuff....I don't think I will ever get used to it but I'm sure enjoying every minute of it!
Way to go Abby --you're my SUPER STAR!


Jennifer H. said...

Cute idea! Becky your hair is getting long!

Anonymous said...

hey they even kind of look alike :)
very cute. you forgot to remind us about the musical. we would have loved to come. my memory stinks these days. sorry we missed it. tell abby good job for us and we love her.


Becky said...

thanks for has been a long road (growing my hair) and I still have a long way to go!

Krista said...

I can't believe Abby is old enough to be in a school play! So fun.
Love your hair curly. Kind of reminds me of you on your wedding day. :)