Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bad Caterpillar!!!

Today Abby got stung by an asp caterpillar (I never even heard of one before today) and it was terribly painful! We were over at Greg's parents house and she had been playing in the backyard and after she had been inside for a bit she started screaming and grabbing her arm. By the time Greg got over to her she was able to fling off the caterpillar and it fell to the ground. We could NOT calm her down and she was in tremendous pain! Thankfully Greg's mom had just recently heard about this certain type of caterpillar and was able to recognize it. She told us this kind of sting can be dangerous and very painful so we got her to the emergency room immediately! This can potentially be a very harmful caterpillar and it stings with venom! Within minutes her entire upper arm was red and swollen! We just weren't sure if she was allergic so we decided to not take any chances! And I am so glad we didn't!
Thankfully all is well and within about an hour (of pain), some Motrin and ice she got a lot better! She now just has a ton of sting marks down her arm-that stinking caterpillar just rolled down her arm and stung her the whole way! She says she hates caterpillars now--I sure don't blame her--do you?:)
I seriously have never even heard of this type of caterpillar before but supposedly because of all the rain down here lately they are more common. Weird huh? All I can say, after seeing Abby today, YOU DON'T EVER WANT TO GET STUNG!!! Be careful!

This is a Asp Caterpillar---they look cute and fuzzy but they are NOT!!!

Sweet girls arm! I can't believe how many times she got stung!

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Patty said...

Hey Becky,
Thanks so much for posting this!! I saw one of those furry things on our porch the other day and was wondering what it was!!! SO SCARY! -Patty Reagan