Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reese's 5th Birthday Party!

Abby made Reese this hat for his party:) He loved it!

Birthday boy!

Reese and his buddy Chase from Preschool class
I wish I would have gotten more pictures with all the other kids but of course I forgot! He also invited 3 little boys from his T-ball team, 3 from school and one little girl named Hannah (they have been friends since birth--so cute:)

Abby and Charlie--so cute I just had to share! (look at Abby's leg...hilarious!--these 2 are very close... they are adorable!

trying to light the candles--it was too windy so we pretended!

Opening gifts

Reese and 2 of his cousins, Charlie and Landry (notice they are all in their T-ball uniforms--all the kids had rain make-up games before the party--it's been raining ALOT down here lately!!) Praise God it was clear for his party!!!

Playing ball--so fun!!!

Reese playing first---he just keeps getting better and better!
He got the Rangers jersey he's wearing here from Maw Maw and Poppa....he hasn't (voluntarily:) taking it off since the party!

Saturday we had Reese's 5th Birthday party at the park! We had a great time and alot of his friends showed up to celebrate! The weather was a perfect 72 degrees--gotta love Texas;)
When the kids showed up they pretty much started playing baseball immediately! I had to pull everyone away to have cake and ice cream and open gifts! Reese loved all his gifts and he had such a sweet grateful spirit when opening all of them! Yay Reese! For the past few days we have been "practicing" opening gifts and teaching him how to properly respond to the gift he just received:) (Reese is a very expressive little boy and when he doesn't like something you can read it all over his face:) So knowing this and having some difficult gift opening situations in the past Greg and I thought a few practice rounds wouldn't be a bad idea! We are very pleased he learned AND applied what he learned--score:) Way to go Reese!
Anyways the party really was wonderful and I know everyone says this but honestly I can't believe my little Reese is already 5! What in the world? I must be getting older too huh? Nah, I think it's just him;)
Happy Birthday (party;) Reese! We love you! (His actual birthday is on Tuesday Oct. 27th so we will be partying ALL week!:) I love Birthdays! What a great way to celebrate the people we love!!!!

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