Thursday, October 29, 2009

Abby's Vocab Hat!

Today Abby had a "decorate your own hat with a science vocab word" parade. I know, I know... kinda lame according to "it's Halloween dress-up and have fun" parade but it's at least something right? Anyways they sent home this letter with instructions and across the bottom it had the word desert biome....what??? I was thinking it would be a word like...tree, water, seasons (if you are reading this Tanya that's for you;) ha! Well anyways I got the letter a week ago and honestly stressed a bit about what in the world we would do BUT to my surprise (and I shouldn't be surprised) she did the hat ALL BY HERSELF! She had the greatest ideas and didn't need my help at all! I was so proud--she worked on it for about 2 hours! She put sand all over the hat, drew a cactus, a sun, some tumble weeds and even drew 2 awesome looking lizards! She is such a great artist--she didn't get that from me:)
She said the parade went well (I didn't know I could come watch so I missed it:( but I know she must have walked tall knowing that she did her hat all by herself!!! Way to go Abby!

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