Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Festivites!

Well this Halloween has kinda been a bummer:(
We have been battling sickness in our home for over a week! It all started with Reese getting pink eye on his birthday and it's just been down hill since then! As of today Reese, Abby and I will ear infections and Abby now has pink eye! We are praying Greg doesn't get sick...but sadly right now he is lying on the couch with a heating pad on his forehead!:(
So with all of us sick we have done as much as we can to enjoy Halloween. Friday we carved a pumpkin, Saturday we went to our church Fall Festival and we were even able to go trick or treating for a little while. The kids always love giving candy out to all the trick or treaters...I think that's their favorite part actually:)
All in all I think we pulled off a pretty successful/fun Halloween weekend! I could be worse right?:)
Hopefully next year we will all be healthy!

Carving with Daddy....notice I am "watching"-carving is not my thing:) Well I think it would be my thing if I wasn't so dangerous with knives....I cut myself ALOT!

Getting the goo out

Reese peeking through

Finished product--good job Greg!

Abby playing at the carnival--she was a little under the weather!:(

Reese loved this booth--you got to smash cans!

Abby as Jesse from Toy Story and Reese as Buzz Lightyear!

Abby and I

Abby and Reese met up with their cousins to go trick or treating together!

Getting some candy--we told them they needed to say thank you so all night they made a game of who could say it first...crazy kids!

Debbie and Jerry came over to the house dress-up like the Blue Man Group. They put a show on in our front yard! A bunch of people in the neighborhood got to enjoy the show too! It was a big hit!

Scary looking huh?:) Abby and Reese didn't know what to think of it at first but since then they have talked about how silly Maw Maw and Poppa were! Thanks guys that was a lot of fun and a BIG surprise!

Kids sitting at the door waiting for trick or treaters! We have a great neighborhood for this--our sidewalks are packed with kids--it's so much fun!

Reese, Abby and Daddy like to sit on the front porch and greet each person--I like to sit in the warmth of the house;)

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