Thursday, November 05, 2009

Abby's Field Trip

Abby's class

Abby and Gabbie got to hangout all day which is so great since Gabbie is moving soon--we are so sad:(

These are the 3 girls I was in charge of--I am happy to report that I didn't lose anyone all day!:)

Abby sitting with her friends before the Live Rapture show

Dancing Indian-pretty entertaining actually;)

Petting Zoo

Abby loved these little sheep

This year Abby is in 1st grade and for her field trip this year they went to Green Meadows Farm which is basically an educational petting zoo. Abby was so excited last night to go and I was thrilled I was able to go with her! The weather was beautiful, actually it was pretty hot which is so crazy being that it's November! I tell ya, Texas never ceases to amaze me;)
I think Abby's favorite part was petting the animals and getting to spend time with her friends. I know she was hoping she would get to play more but I kept telling her that field trips have to be educational or the school won't let you go!:) Yay for field trips!

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