Monday, November 30, 2009


How precious is HE? I miss you little guy...

Driving the car for Greg....he's a big helper!:)

Reese giving Tuff some water--he was so good with him! This boy needs a dog!!!!

Abby's sweet baby! Tuff was built in entertainment the whole ride home. I believe we will be bringing a dog with us every time we drive long distance from now on:)

We have a new member in our family, it's a sweet puppy named Tuff. Now, sadly it's not actually our puppy but I sure feel like he is:)
Here's the story:
For about a month Greg's parents have been debating about getting a new dog. Their old dog, Baby, died a few months back and her absence just has left such a hole in our lives:( We all miss having a dog around at Maw Maw and Poppa's and I know they have missed Baby too!
So they have been researching on what types of dogs would be the best and settled on getting a Havanese. Now this is not a cheap dog and it has been hard for them to find one that is affordable and is for sale here in Texas. Well, to make a long story short, they found one in Missouri near where I grew up. They asked us if we would pick the dog up on our way home from Kansas City after Thanksgiving and we said "Sure!!":) Now I know it might seem crazy to bring a puppy along for a 10 hour drive but it turned out beautifully and we fell in love with him in the process. (he did get a little car sick on Reese but it's all good--he got it out of his system early and was perfect the rest of the way home!) I honestly was almost in tears handing him over to Debbie and Jerry but I do predict we will have one for ourselves in the very near future;) --all I have to do is give Greg my puppy dog eyes and he gives in every time:) ha! ~if you know Greg this is laughable...he doesn't give in easy! Love you babe;)
Well we got some great pictures of sweet Tuff while driving (Debbie and Jerry named him this because since he's so small he needs a masculine name:) It's perfect for him!
Welcome to the family will fit in perfectly!

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