Thursday, November 05, 2009

T-Ball Championships!

We have had a long week of T-ball tournaments but tonight I am happy to report that Reese's team, the Red Sox, won first place! It was an intense game 25-24! The boys played so hard and were so happy to win! I loved watching the boys run out on the field like they won their own world fun! I also think this week I had a taste (a huge helping actually:) of how terribly competitive parents can be! I was shocked to see how out-of-control some people can get over a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds playing t-ball...yes that's right it's only T-BALL!! Insane I tell ya!! I learned ALOT about me too! I was able to confirm;) that I am also very competitive and sitting far, far away from the opposing parents does wonders!:) I had a great time watching the game from the fence along 1st base--ha! ~you should try it, it actually works wonders!
Way to go Red Sox! You earned it!

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