Sunday, November 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Cowgirl!

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday girl! I was so happy I got to wear my hat:)

Ready to party!

Jumping on the trampoline with her friends!

Abby riding Princess Fiona--her favorite horse. Look how they decorated cute!

Apple bobbing! None of the kids had ever done this before...they had fun! We did have one kid say, "My Mom says that this spreads germs!" I had to laugh because that was exactly what I was thinking!:) I just decided to live a little ya know?

The kids going at it....they all were able to do it!

Reese on his first horse ride! He LOVED it and now wants to take lessons!

Abby and Greg taking a ride together...very sweet

Abby blowing out her imaginary candles! I kinda forgot them but also it was too windy to light them anyways! Now this year we bought our first store bought cake. Abby really wanted to buy one this year and I was completely fine with made for less stress for sure:)

All the cowgirls together

Hay Ride!

Feeding the horses

I love this picture! It's all of us Mom's watching the kids--very cute!

Saturday was Abby's 7th Birthday! I still think I'm not old enough to have a 7 year old but she's proof I am huh?:)
Well we all had a wonderful day celebrating our sweet girl! We started the day off with a bang at Cracker Barrel for her favorite breakfast- bacon, cinnamon apples and a biscuit! She then had a birthday party to go to. Ok so normally I would never have wanted her to go to someone else's party on her actual birthday but it was one of her best friends from school and she would have had it NO other way:) She had so much fun and I was able to run some final errands which worked out just perfectly! After the party we only had about an hour before party time so we headed home to load the car and get on over to the ranch! She had a horse back riding party this year and she was ecstatic!!!! We have some friends from church that just happen to live on one of the only 15 acre lots in town and they were so sweet to offer to do her party for us! All the kids were able to ride the horses a few times and they also got to go on a hayride! We had so much fun and we feel so grateful the McCarty's did this for Abby!
As Abby was going to bed last night she said, "I had the best party and got the best gifts ever!" I am so glad she liked it!
I must say though that Greg and I are both relieved that the birthday season in the Stamps home is over! I am not sure what we were thinking having them so close together but...well it's done and now for the rest of our lives we will have a crazy Fall--what can you do but strap in and enjoy the ride, right?:)
Happy Birthday sweet Abby..."you're the best above all the rest";) ~this is a little chant a sing to the kids!
We love you!

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J Hughes said...

I love the pictures. Like a real Texan family & birthday party. Were the horses near Flower Mound? I used to love driving through there & seeing all the horses. Happy Birthday Abby!