Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!  We just had a wonderful night of worship, food, family and gifts!  AS my sweet niece Eden would say, "It was the best Christmas I ever had!"  Nicely put Eden:)
The kids went to bed EAGERLY and can't wait for the morning...guess Greg and I better get to work huh?

Eden (brother's daughter) in her new PJ's and her new Webkin that we got her for Christmas.  Abby picked it out for her and Abby also got the same one for Christmas.  She was VERY excited that Eden would have a matching one to her.  Abby loves her ONLY girl cousin:)

Abby painted this for Aunt Christi.  Isn't it awesome?  Abby continues to  amazing me!  So talented!

New journal from Granny and Papa!  She loves to write and doodle:)

Rob and Christi

Trevin--looking so much like my sister here:)

Doesn't Abby look beautiful here!  

Abby and Reese got iPods!  They were ECSTATIC!
They have already loaded the up with music and are dancing around the house:)

The whole family together at the Christmas Eve service...we took up a whole row:)

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