Friday, June 05, 2009

Beach Babes!

I just got back from the sunny beaches of southwest Florida and it was WONDERFUL! I met my mom and sister in Ft. Myers, Florida and we spent 5 days together. Basically all we did was lay out at the beaches and veg-out---as I said it was wonderful;) I was trying to think of the best way to capture the week in "blog form":) and I think the best way is to post pictures and tell the story of each picture as I here we go---there's ALOT to tell!

*pictures appear in no particular order...thanks to blogger:) -- they love to mix up the order of my pictures!

Here we are going on an airboat ride in Everglade City, Florida. The driver of the boat let us sit in his seat for a picture--I look kinda psycho here which is not what I was going for....I thought my mom and sister were gonna act scared because I was driving but instead they left me out to dry--thanks guys;)

picture during the ride--it was crazy! If you ever get a chance to ride an airboat in the everglades DO IT!

My sister and I getting ready to go for a ride on a wave runner in the ocean

Eating lunch at a great little burrito place at Ft. Myers Beach

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KUgirl said...

I'm so jealous!!! That looks like so much fun. And how tan is Christi?!? I wish I was that tan! Love you!