Saturday, June 20, 2009

Colorado Trip Day 1 and 2

Well we have been waiting 6 months and finally our Colorado vacation is here! We left yesterday and split the drive between two days which made it a ton easier on all of us:)
We had a lot of fun driving up through Texas and New Mexico and we were "blessed" to have been able to eat 2 times in small town diners...Greg was thrilled and I was well stretched (he loves a good ole chicken fried steak:)
Now to my defense I didn't complain once but Greg said he could tell I was a bit out of my element--Ha! Just a little, but I've learned being married to Greg that I have to be ALOT more flexible and open-minded--thanks Greg! Honestly, I am thankful he pushes me to try new things or else I would never grow and become a better version of me!
Anyways for the first part of our trip Maw Maw and Poppa met us in Colorado Springs. They had already been up here this past week for their own vacation so it worked perfectly to see them a couple days on the last part of their trip!
We decided to meet them at The Garden of the Gods around 3 pm for a little hiking and man were our kids happy to get out of the car after two days of driving! They both said they were reay to climb a mountain and a mountain we did climb!
We had a great time climbing the rocks and the weather was perfect! I am so happy to be out of the Texas heat for awhile---59 degrees is fine with me;)
Well I got a ton of pictures so enjoy! I will be posting as much as possible so keep checking in and please don't get too jealous:)
**** I also wanted to thank those of you holding down the fort at home...what would we do without you guys feeding Abby's fish and taking care of the house?:) Thanks alot!

Are we there yet???

Family driving pic--not bad huh?

Everyone taking in the beauty!
As we were driving in to the Gardens Abby says, "Why do they call it Garden of the Gods when there's only ONE God?" Love that she already knows that simple truth and that she really believes it!

Abby taking a little break....her own little God-made nook:)

Abby and Reese humoring me....they got really annoyed after about 50 pictures:) Sorry kids but it was so beautiful and every place they sat looked like a perfect photo op!

Greg and I climbed up into this little crack in the wall...we were pretty high and it was making Abby very nervous!

Everyone being very quiet looking for a deer....shhh!

Greg posing!

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Jill said...

great pictures. Hope you guys have a wonderful time!!!