Monday, June 29, 2009

Winter Sports Day!

Well we are back home now after about a 14 hour car ride and got home last night really late! I wanted to blog about a few more things we did in Colorado because I was lazy and didn't get a chance to do it before we left.
On Friday we heard that Keystone had enough snow to have tubing so we jumped at the chance to do that! We had such a great time and got about a half hour of tubing in before it started pouring down rain. Honestly, it was quite miserable and we were seriously wet and cold by the time we got to the Gondola (ski lift that Abby and Reese loved) but getting to tube in the snow made up for all the misery:)
I got a great video of me going down the hill-I hope you don't get too dizzy watching it!

We then went ice skating because Abby wanted to go really bad. She and I had a blast skating around but poor Reese wasn't so into it. The only way we could get him to go around the rink was to have him try to push Greg down the whole time which he thought was really funny!

On Wednesday we went for a half day white water rafting trip but we took pictures with a water proof camera so as soon as I get those developed I will post them on here--I hope they turn out!

Here are some pictures of our "winter" adventures---I am glad we had the opportunity to be in nice cool weather because it is so stinking hot and humid here in Texas it is ridiculous! Gotta love the Texas heat:) When we got home late last night I was singing "home again home again" and Reese chimes in singing "hot again hot again" Too funny! We are gonna miss the beautiful Colorado weather for sure!!!!

About to go down the hill together

Yes that's real snow.....crazy! (notice Greg in shorts-that's a Texas boy for ya:)

We got a little wet running to the lift! Ok, REALLY wet/cold---it was pouring!!!! In fact, we were so wet we bought some new clothes at a store at the bottom of the lift!

Walking in the skates was alot easier than skating on the ice!:) ~Reese is still happy in this picture

Abby was having a blast

Reese pushing Greg---while doing this he did great but as soon as he thought about what he was "really" doing he fell! ~this did not make him happy one little bit!

Abby and me

Video of me tubing at Keystone

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Jill said...

You are so funny, I love the spinning video!