Friday, June 05, 2009

Mom got a picture of Christi and I while we were on the waver runner. It was hilarious--my sister was into the speed and I was into throwing her off--I was successful and we were about 2 miles from the shore! I was happy that I threw her off but wanted her to get back on fast---sure would hate to see her get eaten by a shark:)

Have I ever mentioned my sister is CRAZY? Well she is and here she thought it would be a great idea to touch the alligator's tail! (right after it was hissing at us!!) This is one of the alligators we saw on our air boat ride. The driver stopped the boat and let us get out if we wanted to, but mom and I didn't want to:) I told Christi she could do what she wanted but if the alligator started to eat her that she was on her own!!! Sorry sis...alligators are bigger than me and he would win for sure! Love ya though:)

yep we were this close---way closer than I felt comfortable but whatever:) Pretty cool huh?

Another pic on the air boat--this one has mom though! Thanks Mom we had a blast!

ok so this is another alligator we saw before our boat ride . He was just chilling in the water right by the docks ready to eat anyone that bugged him and of course my sister was bugging him:) Christi- you are lucky to have all your limbs and Mom I thought you were gonna lose it! ~she kept yelling at Christi to stop--she was pretty freaked! Guess she didn't want to sit back and watch her daughter get eaten--don't blame you Mom!

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