Thursday, August 06, 2009

Abby's New Bed!

Today we put up Abby's new loft bed and she was chomping at the bits to try it out!
Ever since we moved in this house we have had trouble with the size of Abby's room. Sadly her room is tiny and is always cluttered! When Abby was born my Dad made her a beautiful crib that transitioned into a full size bed and we couldn't have been happier! But after about 2 years of moving the bed around every which way we finally (reluctantly) decided we needed a smaller bed for the time being. So anyways this week while we were in KC Greg came across a loft bed that would fit our needs perfectly and today through sweat and "cheers":) we finally got it together!
Tonight is her first night to try it out and she was thrilled at first but then came some tears:(
When I put her to bed we said our prayers and gave our kisses and then she began to cry. When I asked her why she says, "Up here there will be no more tickling, no more "Slice, Slice, Slice" (a song I sing to the kids) and no more cuddling." (I about cried too!) So of course I climbed right up there with her and did our normal routine---how could you resist?:)
She also expressed some concern that Daddy would never be able to fit in her small bed...I told him tonight and he seemed quite confident it would hold him:)
Well thank goodness we are able to climb up there with her because honestly after I thought about the change I was sad too....I love our goodnites together and don't want to ever see them go!


Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

ok the furniture buyer in me needs to know where you found abby's bed. I used to sell the same one back before my Ashley days :) sweet night time routine too

Misty said...

Aww! I wish Hailey still had her bed like that. Then they would have semi-matching rooms. I bet she will love it. Hailey did.