Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beauty Hurts!

Well, I have a report about Abby's new shoes.
Apparently they are "party" shoes and not school shoes. (Abby told me this when she got in the car after school yesterday:)
*If you didn't read the post about Abby's first day of school she got a new pair of sequined shoes and she absolutely LOVES them.
Anyways, after recess she had to go to the nurse because her shoes had given her blisters and during recess one of them popped--yuck! Poor girl! She says she never EVER wants to wear them to school again! She also said that even when she wears them to parties she will have to take them off if she wants to dance or play:) Ha! I love it!
Wow! What a lesson she has already learned at the ripe age of six! You know what I'm talking about ladies-- we all have at least a few pair of these shoes in our closets!!! You know the shoes that you love to look at but hate to wear and just hope that wherever you have to wear them you will be able to take them off under the table during dinner!;)
I told Abby that sometimes beauty hurts.... she took it ok:) I think she'll be one of those girls (like me;) that sacrifices comfort for some killer heels! ~hey at least we look cute right? :)

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The Grays said...

how precious! i definitely know how she feels! i've had many days with shoes that i come home saying, 'i am NEVER wearing those shoes again!'

she is too cute!