Monday, November 14, 2011

Abby's Sleepover Birthday Party!!

Happy 9th Birthday Abby!! 
She decided she wanted a sleepover so she could get a bigger gift:)  Good idea Abby...hopefully she will do the same when she gets married one day:)  Smaller wedding, bigger gift! ha!
Anyways the party was so fun!  The girls all got along and it was painless for the adults...yay! Thank you Mom for braving this night with're a trooper and were a HUGE help!! 
It was a Movie Night theme and the girls all slept in the living room, two of Abby's favorite things! 
She was thrilled all night....she planned the whole thing and was beside herself with joy---success:)
This bowl pretty much sums up the night....SUGAR!  Sugared up girls, giggling and being silly!
Recipe for FUN!

Let the movies begin!  They watched Enchanted and Tangled...2 of Abby's favorites!

We had a cupcake and ice cream bar so the girls decorated themselves and  LOVED it!

opening gifts!


before the party began Maw Maw and Poppa brought Abby and Reese a tether-ball  pole for their birthdays!  HUGE hit with the girls....they wanted to play all night:)

Pizza and D.P. for supper....NO VEGGIES ALLOWED:)

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