Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Abby's 1st Birthday!

This is Abby last year right after she asked Jesus to be her Savior -- Feb. 18th 2008!

Happy Birthday Abby!

One year ago today Abby asked Jesus to come into heart and she was born again! Hooray!

This morning we woke Abby up to a room full of balloons and a birthday cake and she was VERY confused:)
It was funny to see her try and make sense of the moment as she looked around the room and at the one candle on her cake. We let her be confused for a bit and then reminded her that a year ago today was the biggest day of her life--she became a Christian!
Jesus Christ became the Lord of her life and through forgiveness of her sins and turning her life over to Him she was saved from Hell and will NEVER be the same again-praise Jesus for His forgiveness and willingness to give everyone a second chance!
Anyways after we explained everything a huge smile came across her face and she blew the candle out with great pride!
I am filled with joy today as I think about all the Lord has done in our family. What a blessing to get to be a part of His plan in raising her and showing her the Truth of Jesus Christ. Greg and I count it a great honor and privilege to be given such a gift and do not take it lightly!
I have seen the Lord work in Abby's heart over this past year and it has been remarkable to see the Holy Spirit working in her life! Just last night we were able to witness the Holy Spirit convicting her of a sin and she was brought to tears over what she had done. She has such a teachable spirit and tender heart and has great sensitivity to the Lord. I am humbled as I watch the Lord work in her life. Having children has been the greatest spiritual journey and has brought me to my knees. I have realized that only He can give us the strength and wisdom we need to parent this precious child of God. All glory to Him.
I am so excited for the days ahead as we get to watch her grow in wisdom and become the woman that God created her to be!

I hope each of you reading this have experienced this salvation through Jesus Christ and if you haven't, don't delay one more moment! He is real and He loves each of us and desires a personal relationship with you!
~If you have not experienced what I am talking about please don't hesitate to call me or get in contact with someone that can help you answer questions and show you the Truth.
It will change your life forever and you won't regret it!

Last night Greg and I put balloons all over her room and when she woke-up she was very surprised! ~mission accomplished! We wanted to catch her off guard so this event would be more memorable--we even woke Reese so he could see how special it is when you become a child of God! I think they got the message:)

Abby right after she woke-up...she is trying to make sense of a birthday cake and balloons in February! She figured it out and loved it!:)

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