Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lemonade Stand

Frank-our neighbor--he bought 2 glasses for a dollar-he overpaid for sure! (our only non-relative customer)

Abby making sure Reese gets it right!:)

The kids have been wanting to do a lemonade stand forever but the weather hasn't been...well "lemonade" weather--if you get my drift;)
Well the other day it was hot enough to set up shop so the kids got everything ready. They had 3 customers--me, Greg and our neighbor Frank....we're hoping to do better next time:) I told the kids that with a small business you need to build your clientele base---they seemed hopeful and are eager to get back to work! we just need a 80's something day-maybe late March?

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Cari said...

My favorite part is the snowman cup.