Monday, February 09, 2009

Post, Texas

Peep and the kids eating.

Peep working the hula hoop--amazing! He cracks me up!

The kids loved sitting in Peeps truck--they just hungout and ate tic-tacs! Good times!
(also in the car is their cousin Addison)

Abby and Lynde Jo (cousin) digging in the dirt--they had a blast!

This past weekend we went to visit Greg's grandparents in Post, Texas. We left Saturday after Abby's basketball game-we drove 5 hours and got there about 4:15.
When we got there Peep (Greg's Grandpa) was sitting on the porch waiting for us. The kids warmed up very fast to him and Mema -they thought they were so much fun and kept telling Peep, "oh so that's where Poppa got so crazy!" (meaning Poppa takes after his Dad in his craziness!) We had a wonderful weekend--we played outside alot! Mema and Peep have a very big yard with a garden so Abby and Reese were thrilled to get to dig in the dirt all day long! They were such a mess--they looked very much like dirty country kids;) They loved it!
We got to see lots of family that live in West Texas, eat West Texas chili and watch a lot of Tech basketball--Greg was in heaven:)
I got to talk alot with Peep and learn more about him--he is still very active and very kind and has such a servant's heart. He was so great to the kids and sure did his share of sugaring them up! Right when we walked in the door Reese says, "I'm hungry!" (surprise surprise:) and Peep jumped right up and got them whatever they wanted--the kids were thrilled!
We also talked with Mema alot and I had alot of fun looking at her old photo albums of her State Championship basketball team in 1951,53 and 54! WOW!--it was so fun to learn more about her too! She is so very proud of her family and has wonderful stories to tell--she told Abby about how girls used to play basketball in the 50's and Abby sure liked the idea of not having to run so much playing 6 on 6!
We sadly were only able to stay 1 day and when we were driving away the kids both asked when we are coming back! We definitely are gonna make it out there again and are sad it took us so long to get out there in the first place!
And for the grand finale, here's a video of Peep hulahooping with his homemade hula hoop:


Cari said...

Now I really want to see Jerry do that too!

Misty said...

I second that!

Kary said...

That's my Peep!!! He has always been so much fun...