Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Party!

Today we were invited over to Maw Maw and Poppa's house for a Valentine's Day bash! Maw Maw planned a TON of games and made cupcakes and big chocolate chip cookies for everyone-it was awesome!
I honestly feel a bit overwhelmed in how to blog this--Maw Maw planned so much it was amazing--she's very creative and always picks the most perfect things that the kids love.
Here's what we played:
-Cake Walk-- except instead of cakes the kids got prizes:)
-Marshmallow game (hilarious) ~I will post a lot of these pictures!
-heart candy stacking game
-M&M pudding game
-Rubber band nose game-we all looked ridiculous!
-Guess who Loves you game-so sweet
-Memory game
~~and then we all got a ton of icing to decorate our cookies and cupcakes!!
Crazy huh?
We all had a wonderful time together!
-Now I'll post some funny pictures and hopefully be able to capture all the LOVE;)
Hope you had a great Valentine's Day too!!

Abby getting her kisses from Charlie and Reese!
She had leaned over to Charlie and said, "You know on Valentine's Day you can kiss anyone!" So Charlie said, "Would it be ok if I kiss you?" (what a gentleman;) Abby of course said yes and Reese then got in on the action! Too cute!
~by the way I did tell Abby that she can't kiss "anyone" on Valentine's Day....just to clear that up!

The kids wearing their new funny teeth they had gotten for a prize!

This is the I love you game--you try to guess who says it--the kids were very good at this one!

Marshmallow game-marshmallow on a string dipped in chocolate....need I say more?:)
Abby caught it right away and didn't even get messy~amazing!

Reese was hilarious--he didn't want everyone laughing at him but he looked too funny not to laugh;) ~Kinda like a girl! Sorry Reese!

Debbie after she caught her marshmallow!

Greg got to feed me--he was not too nice---he covered the marshmallow with chocolate and let it slowly drip onto my face! Mean!

Reese and Abby got to feed Greg his marshmallow--he looks like he is gonna die--I love it! (he hates getting messy so this was very funny for everyone to watch!

Doug (Greg's brother) got attacked with the chocolate--he and Jerry were covered! He was a great sport about it!

Trying to stack heart candy's--also very challenging...we only got 7 high before it came tumbling down!

She doesn't look too happy about being so messy does she? She got the M&M though...:)

The object of the rubber band game was to put it over your nose and whoever could get it off first-with no hands- wins! It was tougher than it looks!

Going to town with the icing!

One of the prizes were these teeth--doesn't she look like a donkey! ~I never thought I would say that about my daughter;)


Tomi said...

yall have such a super fun family!

Becky said...

Thanks Tomi! We are truly blessed!