Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Just my Crew!"

Here's something funny Abby just said-

Abby-Hey Mommy today I was digging a huge hole at school and I got to be the boss.
Mommy-The boss?
Abby-Yeah- I was in charge.
Mommy- Who were you digging with?
Abby-Just my crew.
Mommy- "your crew??"
Abby- Yes-Mommy I have a crew...you know-me, Paige and Gabbie--we're a crew!

Too funny! Does it really start this early???....oh man we are in for it! I remember having 2 best friends in school and you never knew from day to day which one was not gonna like you for the day! Ekkk!
Pray for us!:)

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