Sunday, February 22, 2009

What in the World?

Reese on our mailbox.

Abby joining in on the fun! (click on this picture and look at their's hilarious!)

Great picture of the two of them!

Just the other day Greg asked Reese if he wanted to go check the mail for him. Reese loves to check the mail so he was very excited and he wanted to do it ALL BY HIMSELF (meaning he didn't want me standing by the door watching him) So I went into the house and starting doing something else and then I hear Greg say-"Bec, come check this out." I walked to the front door and we see Reese standing on the top of the mail box. He was just standing there looking proud of his climb but unsure of his descent! It was so funny! Greg watched the whole thing and said Reese reached up and grabbed the top and pulled himself up. I ran to get the camera and before I made it out the front door he had already jumped off ---which he was also very proud of! I told him to show me how he got up there and then Abby thought she would also try the climb.
Anyways they just looked so cute I had to get some pictures--where will I find him next? ...probably the roof!:) (I'm preparing myself now!)

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