Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Goop!

Getting ready to pour the glue.

Very excited to get it made...

"Mommy, this doesn't feel right!"

"I don't care what it feels like--I love to make a mess!"

Nasty! We had some major clean up after this experiment---and one of the greatest things about this goop is that it's not too much clean-up.... oops! We'll try again kids--I promise:)

The other day at Abby's school I learned how to make Super Goop (our name for it...not sure what you call it) So I came home determined to make it with them so Reese could also enjoy it. Well I am not sure if you read about my science experiments in the past but they always end up a flop! This time I thought there was NO way I could mess it up though--it's only 2 parts glue to 1 part starch--how can I mess that up???
Well apparently I can because it didn't work! What in the world? I have NO idea what happened but thankfully the kids were very understanding and just played with the liquid goop anyways!
We plan on trying again tomorrow--I think it was the starch---stay tuned because I am gonna make it work even if it takes me 50 tries! ~luckily glue is only .19 cents:)
I will let you know soon what the exact recipe is because you have got to make it with your kids---they will love it!

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Claire's World said...

Hey Becky - When I make this with my kids at school we have to use Borax in it. You might try that - you can find several recipes on line for it. And borax is very cheap! Just thought I would try to help :)