Tuesday, February 03, 2009

We've been Hit!

This is where you can find Abby this week--sleeping! Sweet girl has the Flu!

Saturday Abby came down with the flu and it hit her like a ton of bricks! Now Greg and I didn't even think of it being the flu because she wasn't throwing up or anything! Honestly she seems like she has a bad cold--she has had a temperature and been very sleepy for about 4 days.
So anyways here's what happened on Saturday. She had a basketball game early morning and was not interested in playing and seemed like she was on fire (high temp). We left the game and decided to try the Minute Clinic at CVS because we heard they were fast and easy. Well sadly neither was true for us! They weren't sure what Abby had and so since she had had strep throat twice in the past 2 months they decided to check her for that. Well that didn't go well. Abby refused to open her mouth long enough for the nurse to gag her:) I really don't blame her--I hate getting that test too but seriously after 1 1/2 hours of trying (the nurse kept sending us out into the waiting room so Abby could get calmed down-or maybe she was trying to get me and Greg to clam down? ;) Can you believe it took two visits to the clinic for us to finally get the sample? And you wanna know how we got it? The nurse FINALLY let me try! Let's just say I got it done--with as little force as possible! She was happy after it was done- thank goodness--I was worried she might hate me! Anyways after all of that she didn't have strep! I was not happy! Not that I wanted her to have it but after that I wanted something to come from it!
Well the nurse was no help at all---we were back to square one--taking Tylenol!
We kept her home from church on Sunday and she slept most of the day--I kept checking her to see if she was dead or something (honestly I kept thinking "maybe I overdosed her and she's in a coma!" -I'm not kidding sadly!) ---it was very out of character for her. We still couldn't get the fever down so Monday morning I took her into our regular doctor and we found out (very easily I might add) that she had the Flu! Poor girl! That explains a lot but confused Greg and I because we weren't expecting it to be cold symptoms! The kids had also gotten the flu shot early September so it wasn't even on our radar! Surprise- Surprise this flu strand isn't covered by the shot!

Anyways she couldn't take Tami flu because she was already 48 hours into it so now we are just riding it out. We are not sure when she can go back to school but hopefully she will be all better by Thursday or so. While we were at the doctor I saw about 6 Porter Elementary kids there---her school got hit bad! Her teacher told me that in some classes there were 7 kids out with the flu! Crazy! Greg says I'm being paranoid but I really would rather keep her out all week and let the school air out a bit ya know?
Today she seems a bit better mostly a little grumpy, congested, and very tired. I have been trying to keep her at the house as much as possible and she has been loving that--our little homebody!
~She might not ever want to get better at this rate! ...neither would I!


Faith said...

I am cracking up at the magazine on her nightstand... are you getting her started early??:) Hope she feels better soon!!

Misty said...

We are praying for Abby! Hopefully you feel better soon.

Becky, did Abby draw that dinosaur picture on her wall?

The Wittners said...

I hope your sweet girl is feeling better now. We had 20 % of our students out at Porter this week. The district is coming out to disinfect the school this weekend. Some kids in my class had strep and then got the flu on top of that. YIKES!! Spray lots of lysol!