Friday, February 06, 2009

Rodeo Time Again!

Us with Maw Maw and Poppa before the Rodeo

Reese and Poppa watching the Rodeo together!

Abby and Maw Maw looking at the baby chicks

An adorable picture of Reese watching the bull riding

Every year Jerry and Debbie invite us to go to the rodeo. This year was no exception and the kids couldn't wait to go!
Last night we left right after the guys off work and thought we would start the night off with a bang so we ate at Joe T Garcia's (only the BEST Mexican food ever:)
We then when straight to the Stock Yards and walked around and looked at all the (very clean) animals-people sure put ALOT of work into cleaning up those wild/dirty animals--they were cleaner than my kids!
When we asked the kids what they liked best about the night Abby said she loved the baby chicks, the rodeo clowns and the cotton candy. Reese said his favorite was the bull riding, rodeo clowns and (of course) the cotton candy! Can't have a night at the Rodeo with out that right?:)
What was so funny was watching them both "experience" the smell of the rodeo. They have gone 4 years now I think and never have they been so sensitive to the smells--I was cracking up! And what really made me laugh is that for the first time the smell of the animals didn't bother me--honestly the worst smell was in the bathroom---go figure! ~people smelling worse than the animals:)
Anyways we had a great time spending time together and as always the kids loved being with their grandparents! It is so great to go share this experience with Maw Maw and Poppa. It is very important to them to expose the kiddos to "country living" and it has been fun to watch the kids over the years fall in love with the cowboys ways! ~and believe it or not this "city" girl loves the experience more and more each year! Thanks guys!

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