Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reese in the Dryer??????

OK so Reese and I were playing hide and seek today and I couldn't find him anywhere! I kept hearing a knocking sound that sounded like metal or something....crazy kid he was in the DRYER! ~thank goodness he couldn't close the door!
I thought it was pretty hilarious but don't worry I have discouraged him from EVER using the dryer as a hiding place again!!!!
When asked why he was in the dryer he says, "I was hiding!" ...he had no worries at all! It is so sweet to watch our kids be so fearless in exploring the world-- BUT thank goodness God gave kids parents because they sure need a lot of guidance along the way:)
~So the next time you can't find your kid check the dryer you be surprised they actually fit in there quite nicely!
Enjoy the video!

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