Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun Times with PaPa!

Finally NO RAIN---Play ball!

Making pizza dough with PaPa

Abby and PaPa at lunch on Friday

We had a great weekend with my dad and really enjoyed the time we got to spend with him!
We were able to go to lunch with Abby, bake some cookies, Reese and PaPa went to see a movie and Papa made the kids homemade pizza Friday night--be very jealous:)--his pizza is out of this world AND I now have his new dough recipe and can't wait to try it out! (anyone want to come over for pizza night??:)
Anyways, thankfully it didn't rain so PaPa did get to see Reese play T-ball and the Red Sox won--Reese was thrilled and we were all so proud! Reese got to be the pitcher and first baseman and he did a fantastic job! Yay Reese!
After the game PaPa had to get on the road (long ride back to KC) and I hated to see him go but I'm so glad he is retired now:) and is so flexible with his time-yay for not having a job-hehe! I loved having him around (by the way Dad thanks for hanging my new curtains and sewing up my pants--you are truly a renaissance man:) I love you and will miss you! But we can't wait to see you and Granny next month for Abigail's birthday party--you guys are the best!:)

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