Tuesday, September 08, 2009


The kids talking with Granny and Papa on the Webcam

Caught on camera!!

For my dad's Father's Day we bought him (and my mom) a webcam so the kids can talk and see Granny and PaPa at the same time. Tonight the kids got to talk with them before bed and even though we were having some technical difficulties the kids still LOVED every minute of it!
I just had to get a picture of them talking because if you look real close you can see my parents wearing silly hats! (HA--caught you guys;) My dad is wearing an MU football helmet and my mom is wearing a flower petal hat. The kids loved it and it took everything I had to hold them off from playing dress-up too (we were already ready for bed--I know, I know I am a party pooper:)
Anyways, it was so fun to see you both and we can't wait to talk again soon! Love you guys!

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Jen Sierra said...

That's so great! We do the same thing with Josue's parents in Miami. Daniel is always wanting to talk to "Bua" as he calls Josue's mom (short for Abuela)!