Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New Pictures!

While we were in DC Debbie and Jerry took some new pictures of the kids in their backyard. Debbie told me that Abby and Reese were picking where they wanted to pose....they sure love the camera when they want to don't they?:) I noticed that Abby has alot more poses than Reese..I think he got bored with it before her--don't blame him!

Abby posing with a basket--she's so funny!

I love this one!

I think this is Reese posing like he is taking a shot?? Hmmmm:)

very nice.


These are their cheesy grins...still cute!

Getting so big!

What a sweet little lady!


Vaughn and Kay Bradley said...

Precious-memory making pictures. I'm so glad you keep up-to-date! You are blessed with beautiful children ... inside and out! God bless.

Misty said...

Precious kiddos! :)